The absurd economics of Asphalt 8 Airborne
Jamie Perkins

Rather than reward you with great game-play, Asphalt 8 rewards are primarily about being able to purchase and upgrade cars. It pushes you towards a collectors mindset where you end up farming for hours on end and not even enjoying yourself, just so you can get the next car. It’s addictive, and seems to be a good business model.

I’ve been more than happy to throw a little money to the developers but the pricing model is, frankly, insulting. So I saw the light and cheated. And I feel a fool for not having done it earlier. I now have every car in the game, all maxed. And you know what, when you have all the cars you realise that’s all it has going for it — collecting cars.

And when you’ve got them, and the only thing left is the game-play? There’s not much reason to play it.

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