The ALX SE programme enabled me to come across a fascinatingly high-level programming language known as Python. Having only been familiarised with C before, object-oriented programming was a very new concept even for me.

The lack of code experience caused panic whenever I saw” classes and objects” on my student dashboard. “What are classes?? What is an object??”I asked myself countless times as I went through the assigned notes. Little by little, it started clicking 😊 A class is just a blueprint for creating objects.

Everything is an object in python!! Wait but how????

Everything is a class in Python. Guido van Rossum designed the language according to the principle of “first-class everything”. He wrote: “One of my goals for Python was to make it so that all objects were “first-class.” By this, I meant that I wanted all objects that could be named in the language (e.g., integers, strings, functions, classes, modules, methods, and so on) to have equal status. That is, they can be assigned to variables, placed in lists, stored in dictionaries, passed as arguments, and so forth.”

~~~~~Blog, The History of Python, February 27, 2009

This pretty much sums up everything that makes python an object-oriented language.



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