Why is it so difficult to redesign personal sites?

A bit of a throwaway question I know. But, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to work on (redevelop) my own sites (this blog included, as you can probably tell).

I’m not sure why.

  • Perhaps it is because sites today need a lot of development. The core structure and CSS. The latest methods. Responsive testing. And CMS integration. When I started, things seemed a lot simpler.
  • It might be that I am feeling overworked from client sites so that my motivation for personal sites has taken a knock.
  • Or, perhaps I just have too many sites to keep up with.

I need to find an answer.

As a result, I’m looking for quicker ways of redeveloping sites. Web editors like Pinegrow. Templates from HTML 5 Up. Or Bootstrap themes. The Foundation 6 framework. Although I suspect that some of these may not turn out to be as quick as I hope.

Do you have the same problem? I’d be interested to know if it’s just me.

And, have you faced the same issue and overcome it? How? Leave a comment below if you have the answer!

Originally published at www.cvwdesign.com on February 24, 2016.