Evolving as a Public Speaker

Upon first impressions, I may come across as a moderately shy 16 year old, the amount of growing I had to do in order to realize my potential was astronomical. I went from shy on stage to shine on stage. This is Public Speaking, this is my passion.

Now it all started back in 2013 in Thailand, I went to an international school so there were kids from all around the globe. Yes that is me on stage 3 years ago. I was one of those kids who people thought would “never amount to anything”. I guess they were right, at the time. That’s who I was, I seemingly had no confidence in my ability whatsoever, as a result, grew my natural shyness. People would tell me, “you’re not confident enough to lead” or “why would we want to collaborate with you”. Those comments tend to down your confidence. It did for me for a while. One of my friends signed me up to the Annual Speech Contest without me knowing until a week prior to the contest. By that point… There was no turning back. So I just did it. I did it. It wasn’t pitch perfect but I did it. I didn’t win anything. But I did it. I didn’t really know what to feel, the applause I received did satisfy me greatly and I thought. Maybe, just maybe. I can grow.

So 2014's annual speech contest and this time, I had entered myself. I was talking about WW2, a topic which I was absolutely fascinated by at the time. It felt a lot more calming, purely because, I had already done it once. That’s the key, always, practice makes perfect. If you want to become better at something, you gotta practice, practice, and practice some more because only then will you become a more confident individual. I finished 3rd, a great accomplishment for me. The trophy was made of plastic and was always falling apart, however I enjoyed building it and rebuilding it for the next few years.

In 2014, I moved back to London in order to complete my studies, but that wasn’t the real incentive for me, I really wanted to perform on stage, practice being a dramatic arts performer, and I did just that, in 2016 I performed my play Gods Official(On my YouTube channel — Link at the bottom) to an audience of 50, this was for my GCSE grade in Drama. I had never felt more alive during the play, bouncing off the other actors was an exhilarating experience, and seeing the way the audience reacted, only inspired me to showcase myself even more.

Now I couldn't be more on top of the world, I work at a very exciting new company called yourfeed (Link at the bottom), my personal brand is growing and the future is looking bright bright bright for me and I have my evolved confidence to thank for every opportunity I’ve ever gotten recently.

I live by “Beware; For I am fearless. And therefore powerful” You should too.

Thanks for reading :)

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