We are in an exciting period of time when it comes to crypto currencies today. Like the early days of the Internet, nobody is quite sure about how it is going to develop. On one hand, it is a completely cryptographic and secure payment system. Yet on the other hand, the learning curve is steep and as it is still early days, nobody is quite sure as to how it is going to pan out.

Despite this, payments are already being made in crypto currencies worldwide, with hundreds of businesses across the globe accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. This is still a far cry from mainstream adoption. In order for crypto currency payments to become integrated into everyday use, the learning curve must be made as gentle as possible and the consequences of purchases being compromised effectively removed. …

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It’s finally here! After a two week period in which the users in our three communities have worked to become eligible to receive the tokens, we have finally airdropped the tokens to our users. Eligible users got this notification when opening the Colu app today.

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This is what users that got the CC see

Users in Israel had to reach 250 ILS worth of transactions and users in Liverpool had to reach 30 Pounds worth of transactions over the past two weeks to be eligible to receive the community currency.

Out of the 10,984 users that opted in to receive community currencies, 3,099 managed to reach the transaction amount necessary to be eligible to receive the community currencies. …

We are in a very exciting time for the CLN Network and Colu.

We are merging the wallets that have been in operation for 18 months, across multiple communities with community currencies for the first time.

We are looking for interested parties in the crypto space to become ambassadors and supporters of the CLN, with a reward for joining the program.

We hope to be in cites around the world in the future, adding to our existing communities and hope you can become an advocate of the blockchain, Colu wallet and CLN network for your city in the future.

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