MakerSpace Portal — Good Design

My best experience with a Bucknell connected website has been using the MakerSpace portal as both and student and administrator.


The welcome screen is simple and uniform while providing all the information the user could require at that point in time.

MakerSpace Welcome Screen

If the user is unsure of the purpose of the portal, they can simply scroll down. The site contains concise information about what the MakerSpaces on campus are, how to get involved with them, what they can help you accomplish, and links to further information.

Introductory Information

However, it must be noted that the site is still a work in progress and as such certain pages are not completed.

Logging In

Upon choosing if you are a user or an administrator, you are directed to a simple login screen where you can provide your credentials, request password recovery, or create a new account. The page is somewhat sparse but it provides everything a user could hope for at this point in the experience.

Admin Login Page

The Portal

Once logged in, a user or admin can select how they would like to proceed using a simple tile interface that has clear icons and titles as well as helpful descriptions.

Administrator Dashboard

Each page contains an interface that allows the user to accomplish exactly what one would expect based on the title and description.

Resource Monitoring Portal

Thus, the website successfully allows users to find everything one would expect to be associated with the MakerSpaces on campus. It accomplishes this with an aesthetically simple interface and leaves little to the imagination when it comes to figuring out what each page within the portal contains. Each page makes accomplishing desired tasks simple through the use of concise menus and uniform data formatting. The shallow page layout of the portal also means that it is difficult for a user to get lost in sub-pages while also not overwhelming a first time user with information at any point in the experience. Despite being created by a student team, it is far more intuitive and helpful than the vast majority of myBucknell and it is not even considered complete!

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