Are we there yet?

With the 2015 Web Summit less than two weeks away, not only are we finally starting to feel at home in our new Cloaks headquarters here in London, but we are also getting increasingly ready to take on Dublin. Amidst IKEA engineering and intense coding, meetings are being booked, shirts are being designed, business cards are being printed, and the Cloak-blue M&Ms are safely tucked away to prevent…accidents.

We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about going to Dublin, not only because of the opportunity to meet amazing people from all across the tech industry, but of course also to showcase Cloaks to a bigger audience and (hopefully) prove our concept. We have a special event in store for you, so make sure to stop by if you’re around, or to take the necessary detour in case you’re not!

Now the only thing that remains is getting one of the co-founders (no names mentioned) on the plane without too much of a fight, something that can usually be solved with some good music and sound-proof headphones (despite the lurking threat of an obvious hour of death anxiety). What you won’t do for your startup…

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