Clobotics Excites Wind Europe 2019 Attendees with AI + Wind O&M Solutions

Clobotics and GEV present complete turnkey solutions for turbine inspections and repairs for wind farm O&M customers in Bilbao, Spain.

Clobotics and GEV at Wind Europe 2019

This past week, more than 7,000 people gather in Bilbao for Europe’s leading wind energy event. Clobotics and GEV Wind Group co-exhibited at Wind Europe Conference & Exhibition in Bilbao, from April 2 to 4. People were very excited about the AI-powered autonomous blade inspection done by drones, reducing inspection time down to less than 30 minutes.

Opportunities ready-made for AI in European wind power

Spain is a leading European wind manufacturing hub, accounting for 22,000 jobs. Spain’s influence was key in obtaining a higher EU-wide target for renewable energy for 2030 of 32%. Spain’s first offshore wind turbine was installed in June 2018 and the Canary Islands recently stated their intention to build up to 300 MW of offshore wind by 2025, including floating offshore wind. This national ambition is an outgrowth of the regional impact of wind energy. Therefore, Spain was a logical choice to host the Wind Europe exhibition.

Being one of the largest wind power production and consumption region, Europe puts a lot of emphasis in making wind power more sustainable. More affordable to the people and more profitable to the business. Leveraging recent advancements in AI, many wind power O&M operators are looking for innovative ways to boost productivity.

Wind Turbines in Europe (PC: Microsoft News)

Knock knock. “Hi Europe, It’s us, Clobotics and GEV!”

This recently-formed partnership between Clobotics and GEV will use Clobotics pioneering artificial intelligence solutions to deliver AI-based autonomous blade inspections for wind turbines, fueling the ongoing digitalization of the global wind O&M market, starting from Europe.

George Yan, founder and chief executive officer of Clobotics added, “By combining deep industry expertise, a premiere global network and enterprise-level AI technology, Clobotics and GEV are taking the lead in capturing the next wave of growth in this multi-billion-dollar market.”

“It’s the first time ever we are able to offer the industry a fixed price inspection and maintenance solution that provides a detailed and accurate log of blade condition and is supported by a weather-inclusive maintenance solution,” says David Fletcher, managing director of GEV Wind Power.

Attendees showed great interests in Clobotics’ Windspector at EWEA 2019

Wind farms of tomorrow

With Clobotics smart wind solution, the Windspector, the autonomous drone flies around the turbine and blades, capturing high resolution images as it flies. Inspection is done in minutes, rather than hours. There is no longer dependency on highly trained human operators, which dramatically reduces the amount of labor involved and turbine down-time. Further, images of the blades are then automatically analysed, annotated, and reported on the cloud-based customer portal the very next day.

Offering an autonomous AI-based inspection with Clobotics Windspector, backed up by cutting edge repair solutions, and including innovations such as GEV’s all weather Ventura Habitat solution, gives the partnership an enviable ability to bring turnkey fixed price solutions to Windfarm O&M clients.

Clobotics Windspector in a nutshell