So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

“Branding” people, LOL. Mistake #10. You IGNORED what you KNEW was wrong. I hope no one funds you. NO ONE needs or wants your junk machines here and yes you are trying to drive immigrant businesses out. Start in Harlem and see how it goes. You obviously are for rich, lazy folks who all have charge cards, etc. Gyms and colleges. SMH. High rises for the super rich? Curated metal boxes? Stop appropriating a great name of people who let you pay tomorrow if you are broke, often feed the poor for free and make us great. Wonder what poor undocumented folks you will use to fill the machines at minimum wage or maybe as a job “share”. No doubt, you will not use “employees.” No-benefit, poor contractors. 100% racist, out of touch fools. Put some in the projects, where women can’t walk out at night. For FREE. You people already ruined San Francisco, stay out of NYC and take Pharma Bro with you, Bodega bros. Still wondering what you didn’t “get”??

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