August 9th Weekly Terracoin Update — Time

Current TerracoinCore Version: — Date Released: 7/19/18

Keep getting masternode rewards! Update to now!

If you haven’t updated to version of the Terracoin code on both your local wallet and your masternodes, then now is the time!

I know I keep mentioning this, but everyone who wants to continue to get rewards needs to be on when we release!

This is basically a two-part soft fork to avoid a hard fork. We did it this way because no one likes a hard fork.

The new code will lock in the blockchain features we released with

We are very aggressively testing so…

You guessed it. Update now!

Here is a wiki page that should help with the upgrade:

If you need more help always feel free to contact us on all the different social media sites!


If you haven’t checked out our Youtube channel you should. We have released new videos, including an interview with me (Clock Universe), a virtual team and community meeting up, and a new whiteboard video. We plan to continue to release videos regularly so make sure to subscribe!

Masternode Battle — Part 2

The second part of the masternode battle rages on. We are currently a little bit behind our competitor, so please get out there and take the survey!

This is free marketing for Terracoin and only takes a minute to do.


We have also been mentioned in another article thanks to Blockchain Relations! You can check it out here:


My last weekly was so long that I tried to keep this one short. If you are curious about all the details of the new version/soft fork feel free to check out last week’s weekly update!

Also make sure to check out our social media which is in the link list at the bottom of this weekly. If you ever need anything feel free to find me on Mattermost or Telegram.

Talk to everyone soon!

Decentralized Governance

Oh wait! One last thing! Since we just had the superblock now is the best time to get in your proposals to the decentralized governance!


Update to 0.12.24:

Subscribe to Youtube channel:

Vote on the masternode battle:

Read article:

Put in a proposal:




One month ago, we were at 0.00001358 BTC (.0904 USD) and today we are at 0.00001196 BTC (.0786 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00002599 BTC (.0870 USD).

We are ranked 750 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1,802,754 USD. Last week our rank was 763 and our market cap was $1,916,344 USD.


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