January 17th Weekly Terracoin Update — Exchanges!

Important Update! Please Read!



There is a lot of exchange news and all of it is important! Please read!

First, on Monday, Cryptopia was compromised. There is a lot of speculation on how or who or what happened, and I am not going to get into guessing about that. I have kept a close eye on the news, but so far there is little of that.

No one should ever leave any coins on an exchange because this is a common occurrence in the crypto world. It doesn’t look like any TRC was stolen from their site, but that doesn’t mean that your TRC is safe. This could be the end of Cryptopia and your cryptos stored on Cryptopia may be gone forever.

I hope that isn’t the case, and we will see what the future holds!


We have been put on C-Cex’s delisting list once again. This happens every six months or so, and they always take us off the list because we get the volume required to stay on there. We have the volume now, but their support has been slow in responding.

What that means is that you should get your TRC (and any other coins they are delisting, such as CRW) off there immediately! They say they will take the coins off the list once the 21st happens, but you only have till the 21st to get your coins off there. I recommend playing it safe and getting your coins off now!

This also is a good time to remind everyone never to store cryptos on exchanges. I feel like I already said that.

Anyways, I hope to hear back from their support soon!


With the possible removal of two exchanges for Terracoin, I know you are wondering what you should do?

Well, one of the best things about Terracoin is that we have been around for a long time, and we have a very active team.

You have options for trading TRC! We are listed on 4 other centralized exchanges and 1 decentralized exchange.

I bet they would love to see our community show up!

If you like centralized exchanges you should check out:





If you like decentralized exchanges check out:

Blocknet DX

Possible New Exchanges

As I mentioned we have a very active team and in the past week they have contacted two new exchanges.

First, SixofFive suggested contacting Graviex to get listed. They replied that the cost would be 0.3 Bitcoins.

I am not so into pay to play but that is a reasonable price.

I created this Bitcoin address (39vPvNeadHs8hBuKUW7zuRp8pi32sdg6U8) to gather donations to get on exchanges. Originally it was set up for getting on CryptoBridge (3 Bitcoins), but as I said in the December 6th Weekly Update, I would put in a proposal and let the masternodes vote. If we can gather .3 Bitcoins to get on Graviex then I will put in a proposal! If the proposal is down voted, then I will hold the Bitcoin for the next pay to play exchange.

Second, Salvarth jumped in today and submitted TRC to TradeOgre. This is a great European exchange, and we would love to get on there. We haven’t heard back but when we do I will update everyone!

Lastly, don’t forget about SouthXchange! We still are on their voting page! It takes a total of 0.5 Bitcoins to get voted on there, and we are already 0.127 Bitcoins on the way.

Big Exchanges

I know this is a long Weekly Update and your eyes are glazing over, but this is the most important part.

Everyone is always asking, “When are we going to get on some big exchanges like, — — — or — — — or — — -?”

We cannot get on any of the larger exchanges without a legal SEC Opinion letter.

Almost all of these sites have stopped charging listing fees because if they are legit, they make their money off of transaction fees. They also want to make sure they are legally covered when the SEC comes down hard on everyone, which is why they are requiring a lawyer to write an SEC Opinion letter.

Which means it is required that we have a lawyer write an SEC Opinion letter for Terracoin.


We have two things that require lawyer funds.

We need to finish our non-profit status which seems like it will cost about $8,150 USD. We have collected a total of $1,500 USD donations for that! If you would like to donate USD to that then PM me!

Second, we need the SEC Opinion letter!

We really need this to get on larger exchanges!

I always donate my monthly TRC Team Pay to the TRCf masternode fund, but this month I donated it to the SEC Opinion letter fund because we really need this badly!

Help us get on larger exchanges! Donate TRC to 3AN5jwYxjsRshTGiNQgZqKLyESFRjnrt2k!

And I am finally done talking!

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Funding for a Laptop and Printer for exclusive use in Hospital of Hope located in Mango, Togo, West Africa

TRC Foundation Pay Proposal 2nd Year


There are some anomalies with the current price!

One month ago, we were at 0.00000589 BTC (.0211 USD) and today we are at 0.00001931 BTC (.0708 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00002761 BTC (.3140 USD).

We are ranked 606 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1,624,198 USD. Last week our rank was 913 and our market cap was $447,008 USD.

Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/terracoin/#charts

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