July 11th Weekly Terracoin Update — Track

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Jul 12 · 3 min read


Here at the Terracoin Foundation we like to keep track of a variety of things and I thought I would point out a few items today.

Top 200

The top 200 TRC balances is a nice thing to be able to check out to see the movement of some of the larger addresses. We have had this website around for a while, but this week TheSin made an adjustment and added the top 200 to our public API.

Our rarely mentioned public API is available so that any app developer can built Terracoin easily into their app.

If you haven’t ever checked out the API portal, and are thinking about integrating TRC into your app or creating an app specifically for TRC then you should check it out!

Masternode Count

Another interesting thing the TRCf has been keeping track of is the number of active masternodes. It is pretty normal when the price of a coin drops that its number of active masternodes drops too.

We have seen this happen in the past, but recently we have seen a growth of over a 100+ masternodes join the network.

More masternodes are always good because they increase the security of the network, and it means an increasing number of people are taking advantage of the lower price to set up Terracoin masternodes.

Hardware Wallets

Since we are counting things, I thought I would throw in that TheSin has put in pull requests to three different hardware wallets!

Trezor said that they need to change how they identify addresses before they can add Terracoin.

Ledger said, “We are currently working on others[sic] topics (see the pinned message about the latest release of ledger live for instance). Reviews of new apps are on hold for now. We’ll work on it ASAP.”

And now TheSin has put in a PR to Keepkey!

Coin holder security is always on our mind, and we are working on it!

That is it for this weekly.

Look forward to talking to the community on the interwebs!


Exchange Dependent on Terracoin for Voting for Coins


TRC Foundation Pay Proposal 2nd Year


One month ago, we were at 0.00000293 BTC (.0230 USD) and today we are at 0.0000185 BTC (.0212 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00001535 BTC (.0978 USD).

*With the state of dead Cryptopia our volume is low, so our rank doesn’t show correctly. Once a new primary exchange that is listed on CoinMarketCap is decided upon, we will see a recovery of volume.

We are ranked 1325 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $486,732 USD. Last week our rank was 1303 and our market cap was $522,236 USD.

Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/terracoin/#charts

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