Mar 15th Terracoin Update — White-hot

This week as the team has been working on insight, the wiki, videos and the new 12.2.1 code my already fanatical devotion to Terracoin has become white-hot.

Insight has been updated to show total transactions, and which pool has mined each block. If you see nodeStratum as the pool that mined the block this means that they don’t have their name set up in their pool. If you know any of these pools, please contact them and have them update their name!

We also have been slowly chipping away at the wiki, and once it is done we will be opening it up for translators to start their work. We know that we have a lot of community members from all over the world, so we want the wiki to be in as many languages as possible so that everyone can benefit from the info it contains.

Fetticakes and Grandmaster_G are on track to release their videos. I have seen rough drafts of both videos and I am super excited about how awesome they are. We are working on a scheduled release of the videos so just like you can count on a weekly every Thursday you can also count on a video on a regular basis.

TheSin and SixofFive finished the first test release of TerracoinCore 12.2.1 and we have begun testing it on the testnet. This release will have all the Dash code up to 12.2.1, and some special improvements TheSin has added such as in wallet voting and proposal viewing. A first test release means that there still is a lot of work to be done, and there is no release date scheduled yet. The more we test it the more stable it is so please be patient!

We are about two weeks away from the next superblock which means it is a good time to get your proposals into discovery so you can put in your proposals in for the next superblock.

The network currently has three proposals in. Please check them out and vote on them. If you sign up for services you can do one click voting and will get alerts about new proposals, masternode payments, and proposal comments.

I will be including the active proposals in each weekly from now on. I didn’t include a proposal put in by mistake because the proposal creator has commented on services that it was a mistake.

Active Proposals — Newest to Oldest

Before we get to the numbers and how awesome Terracoin is doing against the Bitcoin crash I wanted to post a scam warning.

Scam Warning

First, Woot hosting has proven repeatedly to not be a friend of cryptocurrencies. They seem to randomly shut down VPS hosting of masternodes because they are “Bitcoin mining” which is a catch all phrase meaning nothing because it is impossible to mine Bitcoin with a VPS. I believe they do this because they over sell their servers but want to keep the money you already paid. Do not use them!

Second, there are coins trying to use variations on the Terracoin name to attach themselves to our rising star. Remember to always make sure you are trading Terracoin with the ticker TRC. If you aren’t sure feel free to contact me on Telegram or Mattermost and I will tell you if it is legit or not.

I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it is fraud.

Now for the numbers! Thanks to all our community members for knowing we are on the right track to help to world!


One month ago, we were at 0.00002286 BTC (.2309 USD) and today we are at 0.00001972 BTC (.1582 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00000399 BTC (.0050 USD).

We are ranked 607 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $3,539,954 USD. Last week our market cap was $3,380,918 USD.


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