March 14th Weekly Terracoin Update — Addresses

Clock Universe
Mar 15, 2019 · 3 min read

User Count

Our lawyers recently asked me how many users Terracoin has and I replied that we can’t really track that, but we can track how many addresses have balances.

Terracoin has a whopping 167,843 addresses with balances! Even with TRCpay, which creates a new address for every transaction, that means that we have a huge number of users!

Let’s keep growing that number by spreading the word about Terracoin!


I know, I know, I am already talking about voting.

I am bringing it up because Cryptrade voting is such a great way to show people that TRC exists and the community is active.

We are currently in 23rd place, and once we are at 10th we are added to their bot notifications on their Discord. People will see and wonder about Terracoin more and more once that happens.

This sort of micro-marketing is a great way for us to use every instance to spread the word of TRC’s awesomeness!

Cryptrade offers one vote per IPv4 address per day so please vote!

Thanks to the community we have been climbing the ranks like mad, but we need to increase the number of votes per day to keep the momentum.

Every vote helps spread the word about Terracoin!

The Terracoin Foundation Anniversary

The Terracoin Foundation’s third anniversary of supporting TRC happened last month and we didn’t even notice! We have been too busy working on coming up with the best ways to improve Terracoin.

Thanks to the team for all your hard work! The team has grown significantly over the past three years, and we are all pretty much volunteers.

I look forward to the next three years with this team, and all the new people we will be adding.

Thanks again Team! I couldn’t do this without your awesome support, and daily conversation!


Cryptopia says they have secured 35% of the coins on their site, which I believe is good news. Now lets just hope it won’t take them another two months to secure the last 65%. I cannot wait to start trading altcoins again!

When Cryptopia goes fully live I will be posting on all the sites that I post the weekly too so that everyone is in the loop.


We have a lot of addresses with balances. Vote at Crytrade, it is free marketing. The TRCf has been supporting TRC for 3 years! Cryptopia is slowly recovering!

I think that is it for the weekly.

Talk to everyone next week!

Current TerracoinCore Version: — Date Released: July 19th, 2018


Donation to Star School, Bangladesh


TRC Foundation Pay Proposal 2nd Year


One month ago, we were at 0.00000500 BTC (.0181 USD) and today we are at 0.0000603 BTC (.0237 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00001971 BTC (.1595 USD).

*With the odd state of Cryptopia our volume is low, so our rank doesn’t show correctly. Once a new primary exchange is decided upon, we will see a recovery of volume.

We are ranked 1299 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $543,778 USD. Last week our rank was 1311 and our market cap was $474,584 USD.


Terracoin Foundation Masternode Donations


Mattermost (This is The Terracoin Foundation’s primary forum)


Newsletter Subscription

Last Week’s Terracoin Weekly Video Update


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