November 15th Weekly Terracoin Update — Signal

Current TerracoinCore Version: — Date Released: July 19th, 2018

Blockfolio Signal

I am super excited to announce that Blockfolio has added us to their Signal platform! We are always looking for more ways to communicate with our ever-growing community and getting on Blockfolio Signal lets us do just that!

Blockfolio lets you view your cryptocurrency portfolio directly on their app and their info is primo! They have all the exchanges we are listed on and it has accurate and up to date information!

If you haven’t checked it out, then you should. Also make sure you “watch” TRC. That way you will get any push notifications about Terracoin on your phone.

If you already are on Blockfolio and watching TRC then this will be the first Signal you have gotten from The Terracoin Foundation! This one was sent out with a push notification because we are so stoked to get a chance to send the Weekly Terracoin Updates to you.

Don’t worry though, we won’t be using push notifications except for major code updates and the likes.

If you are new to Terracoin, or have been wondering what has been going on with TRC please check out my November 1st Weekly, which is a Year in Review:

We also have links to our decentralize governance objects at the bottom of every Weekly, as well as other important links.

Thanks to the Blockfolio team for adding Terracoin and being so helpful! Seriously, they are on top of their game!

Virtual Meetup

Once again XTR750 of Blockchain Relations is graciously hosting another virtual meetup! We try to have these regularly. It is planned for November 19th at 7 pm Pacific Time. If you want to talk with the team feel free to show up. If you can’t make it but have questions, feel free to send them to me or XTR750 and I will add your questions to the agenda.

This time around we have decided to set up a sort of “waiting room” to weed out any people who are just showing up for the lolz, so have patience!

Here’s the link to access:

Upcoming Tools/Integrations/Conclusion

TheSin, SixofFive and WalkJiveFly continue work on BTCpay Integration and the Terracoin Masternode Tool.

Next week I am going to be releasing the Weekly on Wednesday instead of Thursday since Thanksgiving Day is happening here in the US on Thursday.

I will be back to the normal schedule after that.

Longtime community member Johnwhitestar suggested putting the names of dgov discoveries in the Weekly updates and I thought that was a great suggestion, so I have added the names verbatim below.

That is it for this Weekly update!


Development Needs HW Wallets:

Funding for Laptop and Printer for exclusive use in Hospital of Hope located in Mango, Togo, West Africa:

Sponsorship of Christmas event for the orphan children in Africa:

Using TRC for direct donation to autistic children in one of the poorest countries of the world:

Window of opportunity closes (or opens?):


Additional Funds For Crypto Lawyer 10K TRC:

TRC Foundation Pay Proposal 2nd Year:


One month ago, we were at 0.00000762 BTC (.0502 USD) and today we are at 0.00000534 BTC (.0299 USD).

A year ago, we were at 0.00002301 BTC (.1642 USD).

We are ranked 958 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $687,871 USD. Last week our rank was 948 and our market cap was $766,237 USD.


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