The Herald notes: this is a reflection of the e-mail we sent out this week — intended as an archive of sorts for those having trouble viewing the e-mail or those who aren’t subscribed to our mailing list.

The Herald notes: this article was first published on Alex’s personal blog here on May 24, 2017. In starting a proper official blog for the studio, we’ve decided to share his wisdom here as well.

Another year and another TOJam.

And as with every jam, we came in with unbroken spirits and a new goal: to create a fully polished and fleshed out game prototype. Instead of reaching for the stars, we aimed to create a fun and simple game that we could reasonably complete and fully polish out with minimal bugs within the short two-day window. Even though we…

The Kraken Herald

A little e-paper put together by the studio that founded it: news, devlogs, updates and more! Current project #TheDungeonCrew. Hamilton, Ontario.

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