Remote Sales is the need of the hour. Here are the top Inside Sales Software Tools so you, too, can manage your remote sales efficiently in 2020.

B2B Sales Strategies to Use During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Outbreak. Read more

Find out the solutions why KPI for inside sales is a great place for businesses to get started. However, you will eventually have to pick a perfect and balanced set of inside sales metrics that is intrinsic to your business. Read more

A continuous sales pipeline is the foundation of your business’ success. Different businesses have different B2B sales pipeline stages. Learn about the six typical sales pipeline stages and how to maintain it.Get here all the information about Sales Pipeline Management

Is your sales pipeline management on track and going well? A Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association survey reports that 44% of business leaders think their company is ineffective at managing their sales pipeline.

Another survey of B2B companies conducted by Harvard Business Review asked executives to rate their company’s YoY change in revenue on a scale of 1 to 7, along with rating their organizations’ efficiency in sales pipeline management.

The survey found that companies with ineffective pipeline management practices had an average growth rate of 4.6, while companies with effective pipeline management practices saw an average…

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus a few months ago has changed the very fabric of the entire world order. Countries are grappling with a terror that has disrupted the social, economic, and industrial structures of the pre-pandemic world. According to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the global economy could shrink by 1% this year, counteracting a previous prediction of a 2.5% growth.

B2B sales depend on interpersonal interactions. From one-on-one meetings to product pitches to networking events — B2B marketing is built upon face-to-face interactions, which have been hampered because of COVID-19. …

You start by locating an area that promises potential gold reserves. Then, you mine for the ores, and when you have enough, you smelt them to separate the gold from the fluff. This gold is further refined and processed to get the most from it. You may have to add value and features to it to increase its worth. Finally, you sell the end-product to the best buyer and make a hefty profit.

Does the process sound similar? You bet it does!

A B2B environment experiences the same while hunting for clients and making sales. Sure, sales prospecting sounds like…

According to a 2017 survey by Gallup, about 43% of Americans admitted to working remotely. Clearly, work from home models had been gaining traction even before the COVID-19 struck. Remote working allowed companies to tap into the global talent pools, harness their skills at an appropriate cost, limit expenditure on physical infrastructure, and even reduce their carbon footprint!

Thus, working from home and remote working are not hyped up trends but sustainable adaptation in response to technology. If anything, the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this adoption of remote working opportunities. …


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