Sales: 1 Development Update #1


We feel pleasured to announce that we have been making significant progress since we launched our ICO sale to help complete our blockchain project while empowering this masses to become part of this great achievement. We would feel honoured if more and more people join hands to expand it. For this reason, we have arranged to crowdfund for our business in which a massive number of businessmen and investors would join precisely through our platform and contribute by funding a desired amount of money using either btc or ltc. This technique would ultimately help our business to prosper and a large number of people will get aware about our venture through this platform. In addition to crowdfunding, we have also looked forward to using blockchain technology that ensures to hold transactions and other data in a secure and encrypted escrow which will not be altered by any means and will refund contributions to participants if project is unsuccessful which is very unlikely.

Blockchain technology is now gaining prosperity worldwide. Many new businessmen, innovators, and developers are exploring grounds to adopt this modern technology to win benefits like greater transparency in records and data transactions, enhanced traceability, prevention of fraud and secured data usage. And most significantly, it works efficiently and with great speed. With the advanced blockchain technology, everything is automated, accuracy is determined and the process also works faster and (with Cloe platform) reward users for participating. In other words, crowdfunding is worth exploring. So isn’t it amazing?

Besides this, crowdfunding also has innumerable advantages that are really helpful for businesses to boom. It is also as fast as blockchain technology and indeed a quicker way to raise a business. Secondly, it is an opportunity to attract investors to the business and check their opinions and suggestions on the products launched. Lastly, investors can easily become permanent customers. Also, feedback can be given then and there to customers to help us improve our relationship and system.

In the end, we would urge all the investors and business owners to participate and aid to raise the business to new heights through this platform.