Clokka: Where watches trade owners.

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Press Kit │Updated 1st November 2019

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What is Clokka?

Clokka is the first P2P luxury watch marketplace built on brand and culture, baked value-added services. Clokka solves the problem of trust, authenticity and safety in how watches are traded in the pre-owned market worth €17bn.

Solving the problem of trust, authenticity and safety in a market worth €17bn.

Why is Clokka the best solution?

Clokka is a platform focused on millennials (not Babyboomers) where buyers and sellers can trade certified luxury watches anonymously, with the protection of Clokka. At Clokka we verify the identity of all sellers using Jumio to validate a user’s credentials before allowing them to open a verified seller account with Clokka. All watches are sent to Clokka for authenticity before being delivered to the buyer. Clokka also facilitates anonymous selling so sellers identity is protected and buyers trust the Clokka brand that all watches are verified before being delivered to the buyer as part of our authenticity guarantee.

The only P2P marketplace to verify sellers identity, certify all watches sold and enable anonymous listings.

Who’s the audience? Millennials.

Clokka is for the fashion-forward Millennials (not baby-boomers). Clokka is positioned to serve buyers and sellers of modern luxury brands and interested in popular culture and entertainment industries. Millennials are the fasted growing consumer segment globally, and Clokka is here to serve that audience with the luxury online-buying experience that is lacking in the online luxury watch industry.

By 2025 55% of luxury market will be consumed by Millennials. (Source: Bain & Company)

How is Clokka different from competitors?

Clokka is the only P2P luxury watch marketplace that authenticates watches before being delivered to the buyer. Clokka uses Ai & Machine learning to gather data points on pre-owned luxury watches to validate their condition and price in the market. We’re also the only luxury watch platform that is brand positioned to serve the audience of popular culture interested in fashion-forward brands.

Clokka Brand is positioned for Millennials

Clokka: Brand intro video

Clokka │ Brand video

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Logo — Black
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Olof Sjöstedt & Chris Knight — Founders of Clokka

Founding Team

Experienced team with a burning passion to disrupt the luxury watch industry.

Clokka Team

Olof Sjöstedt, Christoffer Hallqvist, Chris Knight (Tom Eriksen of Northvolt— Investor & Advisor).

Luxury Watch Market: Growth Stats

Source: BAIN & COMPANY, January 2019.

Only 2% of luxury watches are sold online, which is growing 40% YOY.

2019: The pre-owned luxury watch market is €17bn in annual trades.

2025: The pre-owned luxury watch market is forecasted to grow to €32bn.

Quotes from the watch industry

“The pre-owned luxury watch market could be worth 10x to 20x more than the market for new watches.” François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet

“Think about new sales for Rolex, which are about $8 billion to $9 billion per year (retail value). That means that in the last 10 years, watches worth up to $90 billion have been sold world-wide. That is all potential pre-owned inventory that will someday come to the resale market. And that is just Rolex and that is just in the last 10 years.” Paul Altieri, CEO of Bobs Watches.

“The product will stay analogue, but everything else will go digital. I mean everything: communications, advertising, customer service and sales”. Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling (ex-Head of Watchmaking at Richemont)

Quotes from the founders

“Insert quote Chris”

“Insert quote Olof”


Company Name: Clokka

Tagline: “Where watches trade owners.”



Founders email:,

Registered Company Name: Clokka Sweden AB

HQ Address: Döblensgatan 79, Stockholm, Sweden 11352.


Accelerators: Summer 2019.

Idea to MVP: Clokka was selected to participate in the YCombinator Startup School— Summer 2019.
Idea to MVP: Clokka was selected as 1/10 promising startups to join Startup Sweden Bootcamp 2019.

In the press: Startup Sweden

Seed Investment: €1m (In progress)

Clokka is the process of raising our first round of external capital of €1m seed investment.

Contact for more information.

Notes to editors

Clokka is an innovative platform making it safe for Millennials to trade watches. We’re the only marketplace that validates the authenticity and uses machine learning & Artificial Intelligence to validate the authenticity of watches.