Cork’s First Gin School

ClonDistillery Today
Aug 19 · 3 min read

So here it is, Cork’s first official Gin School!

Located at Clonakilty Distillery, along the beautiful windswept Wild Atlantic Way, and just half an hour drive from Cork City.

In a fun-filled two hours, learn how to distill your own bottle of gin in the Minke Gin School. Sip on a refreshing gin cocktail, and hear about the difference between a London dry and a pink gin, and the many other boutique gins entering the market in recent years.

In case you didn’t know, gin is in! It is one of the fastest growing spirits among Irish consumers, with sales up 6.5% in 2018 (according to the ABFI). Perhaps this is because it is such a versatile drink. Enjoy as a simple G&T, mix it up with a floral tonic (oh yeah, new tonic flavours are booming too, elderflower anyone?) or use as a smooth base for making cocktails.

Ready to get sensory? Taste, smell, and touch a range of botanicals, including juniper, rosehips, pink peppercorns, cardamom, liquorice root, fresh kiwi and orange peel. Find the mix you like, and create your own recipe.

Armed with your selection of mouth-watering botanicals, we move on to the still-house to start the distillation process! Here you are given your own mini-still and now you are master of your own destiny!

When you are finished, get ready to christen your bottle with a name! Seal it and it’s ready to take home!

Why not join us? And maybe even treat yourself to dinner in the Whales Tail Bistro next door, to complete the evening.

Couples, friends, parties — all welcome!

Minke Gin School

Price: €49 per person
Date: Every Saturday, 6pm
Maximum: 12 people per session

or phone: 023 8840635

About Minke Gin

Minke Irish Gin is inspired by the Minke whale, the majestic creature which swims off our Atlantic Ocean coastline. This same local coastline is home to rock samphire, the unique botanical that gives our gin its distinct flavour profile.

Unusually for gin, our base spirit is derived from milk whey, which creates a velvety texture and mouthfeel to each delicious drop. For Minke Irish Gin, we go full circle, grass to glass, harvesting key ingredients from the founders family farm. This is nature at its best.

Minke Irish Gin won Best International Botanical Gin, at the American Distilling Institute in 2019.

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Harnessing the purity of our land and sea to craft spirits that feed the soul.

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