Final Thoughts…

Male fitness vlog culture on YouTube is a higly competitvie environment dominated by jacked, steroid using bodybuilders. Incredible physiques and jaw dropping feats of strength allow these men to market and sell their products and merchandise to wanna-be teenagers and adults looking to change their bodies and their lives. Money is the motive for YouTubers, and while researching this digital culture I found that the YouTube paycheck is the real reason why most bodybuilding YouTubers are YouTubers.

Three things I found striking about YouTube fitness vlog culture were:

  1. The small amount of bodybuilders who inform their viewers about their steroid use.
  2. The amount of male fitness personalities that “help” people because they know they are getting paid for it.
  3. The amount of money companies make selling bodybuilding products with empty benefitial promises on their labeling.

The most unexpected thing I discovered was the large sum of YouTube fitness vloggers who are aware of the flaws of the industry. These people want to try and change the way things are in their profession but know they don’t stand a chance facing multi million dollar companies. Using steroid fueled poster boys to market products that promise to make you look a certain way has continued to fool innocent people every single day into wasting their money hoping to obtain an unrealistic natural physique. If people knew these bodybuilders used steroids, I do not believe their products would sell as well as they do. If viewers knew these people got muscular through steroid use and not through supplementation, the demand for products would decrease greatly. The amount of time it took me to realize this fact growing up just shows how well companies manipulate the masses and rob them of their hard earned money.