TL;DR Clash of YouTubers

The YouTube fitness community is a dog eat dog media platform. Each vlogger fights for subscribers and views everyday to help their popularity grow and ultimately make more money. Throughout this paper I will focus on three feuds that all involved a single person who has been questioned about his honesty and loyalty to friends and fans.

Over the course of this past year, Bradley Martyn, of BM Fit, has been highly scrutinized by the fitness world for being a selfish liar. He has negatively affected many people’s lives, including other big time YouTubers, numerous times and personal accounts keep surfacing about people’s negative experiences with him.

The problems arose when Brad tried to undermine Calum von Moger, a famous Australian bodybuilder and fellow YouTuber. Bradley made attempts to mess around with Calum’s girlfriend at the time and even told her some personal information that Calum trusted him with. Brad then proceeded to try and backstab Calum by making efforts to take a share of the supplement company Calum started. This took place shortly after Brad’s problem with another YouTuber, Cassidy, and Brad’s antics caused Calum to debate whether or not he should expose him. Bradley made an apology video for Calum in an attempt to squash the beef between them but then deleted the video from his channel the following day. Calum saw this as a fake apology and decided it was his turn to call out the snake in the grass.