one huge coyote i skinned.

This trappin seasons been going great. Im up to 23 coyotes 2 bobcats, and 29 coons. I’ve changed properties now, and already weeded out all the easy to catch coyotes. the old ones are all thats left and theyre some wiley ole yotes. I’ve been skinning some of what I catch, especially the coons, cause i can whip them out in no time flat. I’ve skinned somewhere around 17 c0ons, 10 coyotes, and one bobcat. I only mess with it when I have time. But it saves a lot of freezer space. I’ve got a spot where might catch a mountain lion. i saw a cat track thats bigger than a dip can and the hunters got one on camera. So the possibility is there. Last I checked, you cant kill mountain lions in Kansas unless theyre attacking your livestock. But that’d be one helluva story.

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