Interlocking Mats


Are you annoyed over packing and unpacking of that bulky and heavy carpet of your living area when you go for thorough cleaning of your room? Have you ever pondered over how the big sporting arenas are covered with such heavy mats within a blink of eye? The answer is Interlocking Mats. These mats come in pieces so arranging them is an easy task. With these mats, there is now a solution to put an end to this arduous job.


Mats usually help us to avoid falling on floor while playing or moving. Many times we prefer that our kids sit on the mat of the floor and learn and play freely without the fear of falling from the bed. Also we incorporate the floor of elderly parent’s room with mats as there prevail this fear of slipping while coming out of washroom but normal mats are bulky and it becomes a burdensome task for us to maintain the cleaning of these mats. These obsolete carpets can be replaced by lightweight, colourful Interlocking Mats so the problem of shifting and then again laying mats in rooms can be tackled easily. At Clonko, one can get interlocking mats which are pieces of rectangle or square shaped mats which have a locking pattern and can be arranged by fixing the pieces in one other. Interlocking mats cater the needs of people who wish to carry them wherever they travel like on vacations, treks or family picnics as these mats are portable and can be carried even in a bag pack.


These mats come in affordable prices so that everyone can buy them. Spacious sporting areas, big gymnasium and other large stages can be accomplished with these Interlocking Mats. We can fix the pieces of mats turning them into one large mat accommodating our needs. Mats are available in all sizes and fabric with bright colours and modern prints on it. For home décor one can match it with their furniture colour and thus give your home a vogue look. Mats like yoga mats, karate mats, meditation mats, Kabaddi mats, karate mats, judo mats, cricket mats and many other sporting mats come in interlocking pattern.