Christopher Walker

English teacher and author of the children’s book ‘The Man in the Mango Tree’, available on Amazon.

Medium’s Shortcomings Are Also My Own

As Medium grows, it is becoming more and more difficult for writers to get their work seen.

Seven Days with the Panasonic GX7

They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. That may be true, but as somebody who keeps their Canon 5D Mkii at home most days, that leaves…

What Would David Foster Wallace Do?

A brief review of Consider the Lobster, expanded upon with some lessons this particular writer learnt from DFW’s approach to critical non-fiction.

In Response to Erin Biba

On Medium, media algorithms, and the issue of getting paid.

According to her profile bumpf, Erin Biba describes herself as a ‘freelance…

Publications edited by Christopher Walker

A collection of longer book reviews, essays that go further into the text than a typical Amazon review.

Photographers, from the famous to the flickr-verse, represented by five of their photographs.

The serialisation of my children’s novel, available to buy on Amazon.

‘On A Chinese Screen’, by W. Somerset Maugham

Maugham’s travels around China in 1919 are here related in sketch form, varying wildly in quality from the transcendent…

‘Liza of Lambeth’ by W. Somerset Maugham

First novels can be an enlightening experience for writers and readers alike, but some are more successful than others.

The Lost Legacy of Tim Kring’s ‘Heroes’

The superheroes show should have been the next big thing in TV, but it wasn’t. Why not?

By Day in Katowice

A daytrip to a mining city in Polish Silesia, photography with the Olympus XZ-2 camera, and a look at Roberto Bolaño’s ‘By Night in Chile.’

From Misquoted Movies to Brand Slogans

Short tends to be better, but why?

Moonraker was Roger Moore’s fourth outing as James Bond, and the only film in the series…

Ryu Voelkel in Five Photographs

One of the men behind ‘Big Lens, Fast Shutter’, Ryu is an accomplished sports photographer.

1,966 Reasons Star Trek Into Darkness Was Great

You’ll never guess what they are

I watched Star Trek Into Darkness today, and despite my forebodings it was not a…