How to look stylish and traditional at the same time

There is a common misconception that if you wear traditional clothes, you can never look stylish. On the contrary, you can look as stylish in traditional clothes as you look in your modern attire. The length of your dress will never measure your style factor. What you need to look stylish is lots of attitude. If you have a positive attitude and self-confidence that you can carry a look, then you will rock the muslim women clothing look no matter what.

Here are some tips on how to look stylish when you are wearing traditional attire –

Stop worrying –

When you are wearing traditional clothes like salwar suits or saree, you must stop worrying about looking good because wearing these clothes will alone assure you that you look breathtakingly beautiful. No matter how many modern clothes you wear, nothing can beat the elegance and uniqueness of our traditional wear. Traditional wears like salwar, sari, lehengaand chudidhar are designed to beautify your body and accentuate your assets. So, you do not have to put extra efforts to look good. Hence, stop worrying about looking okay and start trying to look stylish.

Confidence –

You will have to understand that to look beautiful, you will have to first look confident. Have self confidence that you are going to look cool in this outfit. Keep your body posture straight and your head held high. Do not stoop or do not bend. Try and look very confident and self-assured. Style will follow in a moment.

Comfort –

When you wear something that is comfortable, it will naturally turn into a stylish outfit. Do not try too hard by wearing misfit clothes. Wear traditional apparels that fit you properly and you can walk around easily in them. This will give you a chance to be yourself and soak in your stylish self.

Mix and match –

When you dress traditionally, not everything that you wear must be traditional. You can always play with your wardrobe. Match a blue pair of jeans with a nice traditional, long kurta and you will be at your stylish best. You can also wear a t shirt with long over pull overs or jackets.

Accessories –

If you are wearing completely traditional clothes, you can add a touch of modern style in the form of accessories. A modern leather choker with a salwar suit, a huge watch with a chudidhar or huge hoop earrings with hijab will make you look stylish. You can also use belts, handbags and scarfs to create a modern look for yourself.

Traditional attire can be worn every day without any hitches and you can also look modern in them. All you have to do is use your creativity and make the look modern. And, you will not even be spending much to achieve this modern from traditional look. You can buy muslim women clothing online and put together a modern look that goes well for college, office or events. Finally, traditional dresses are the best when you want to have your own identity and stand out in a crowd.