Learn to accessorize your abayas perfectly

A lot of people have different opinions when it comes to abayas. Most characterize this form of dress as traditional and conservative but what they fail to see is the beauty and sheer grace of this outfit.

Well, if you simply love to wear abayas and want that perfect look with them on, then you need to know how to accessorize it right or it might just end up looking like a flowing maxi dress. Abayas have the potential to be a lot more and it is up to you to accessorize it the right way to bring out its best features.

Here are some time tested yet trendy accessorizing options that you can try out when you Buy Cheap Casual abayas:

1. Shoes, shoes and shoes. The first thing that you need to do is concentrate on your shoes. How do you want to wear your abaya? Do you want to keep it simple and causal or do you want to add that oomph factor to it. Well sandals go really well if you are aiming for a casual style statement, whereas in case of more sophisticated ones, heels and wedges are really good. You can also team them up with high heeled sneakers or even boots during the winter months.

2. The next thing that you need to keep in mind is your hijab or head scarf. Decide how you want to wear your scarf. Just a simple head scarf looks good for those hot summer afternoons, whereas hijabs are more formal. Since abayas generally come in single shades and that too mainly dark ones, you can always experiment with the colour of your head dress to add a splash of colour to your outfit.

3. Next comes the bags. What kind of bag should you carry with your abaya? Well rather than the abaya, the type of bag that you should carry with it is determined by the occasion. If you are going to a formal occasion then you can always carry a clutch. When it is more informal in natural then totes and sling bags work well too. Abayas with sneakers and sling bags and the right shades is a perfect combination to try out this season. You can carry leather totes when you are heading out to work. Make sure that the bag is big enough to fit all your daily necessities into it.

4. Cosmetics are very important. In fact if you are going for hijabs then you should wear proper make up to highlight your face. Do not be afraid to use the blusher even on a daily basis. Choose the colour of your lipstick carefully, since it should be bright enough to stand out.

5. When you go for designer casual abayas online shopping look for additional accessories on the abaya itself. It can have broad belt or a lovely broach along with it. You can also make the borders fancy by stitching them up with lace.

When it comes to abayas, you can actually infuse your creativity into the way you dress. So give your creative spirit the boost that it needs, today!

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