How To Setup MyQ Touchscreen Smart Lock Secure Deadbolt

Robert Warren
5 min readNov 2

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I’m excited to help you install and set up the new MyQ Touchscreen Smart Lock, just like I promised in our previous post. My aim is to streamline your smart home experience, and with my extensive 30 years of experience in technology and my passion for staying ahead of innovation, I’m confident I can help simplify the process for you.

Before you dive into the installation, make sure you have everything you need. Get started by purchasing a MyQ Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt by Yale on Amazon here. Additionally, if you want to take your security to the next level and utilize the in-garage delivery options, consider adding the MyQ Smart Garage Door Video Keypad, available on Amazon here. These devices work together seamlessly to provide comprehensive security for your home.

Step 1: Installing the MyQ Touchscreen Smart Lock

In our journey towards creating a smart home, our first task is to install the MyQ Touchscreen Smart Lock. This fantastic device promises to add a new level of convenience and security to your daily life. I have carefully reviewed the installation instructions and I am now ready to begin the process.

Our interior garage door presents the ideal door for this installation, as it lacks a key on the handle and only has a deadbolt. Paired with the MyQ Smart Garage Video Keypad, it will be perfect for in-garage delivery services. Let’s find the perfect location for the Hub on the wall, ensuring it’s within a short distance from the MyQ Touchscreen Smart Lock. I have included a smart plug for easy control of the hub in case I need to remotely power cycle it.

Step 2: Removing Existing Door Hardware

Before we proceed with the installation, let’s remove the existing hardware. I always recommend using a ratchet screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, as it makes the process quicker and easier on your wrists. The old lock came off with just a few screws. We have removed the installation, creating an empty space that is now ready for the new installation.

Step 3: Installing the MyQ Touchscreen Smart Lock Bracket

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