By Oleksiy Zhuk, President Cloud Agronomics

Visualization of Carbon stocks in farm soil

Cloud Agronomics is excited to announce our remote Carbon Index. By accurately quantifying soil organic carbon (SOC) down to over 30cm depth, we provide annual verification of SOC in farmland to enable soil-based carbon sequestration markets across the globe.

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In the last few years, companies and governments have set emissions goals that are more aspirational than ever. The Paris Agreement, Microsoft’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030, and the recent, bipartisan Growing Climate Solutions Act are just examples of the growing recognition that our climate needs immediate attention.


By Mark Tracy, CEO Cloud Agronomics

You may be surprised to learn that there is a highly effective, scalable and proven technology to sequester excess carbon from the atmosphere. The technology is even free — all you need is sunlight and water. It’s called photosynthesis.

Photo by Sandro Mattei

It has been estimated that since the dawn of the industrial revolution, humankind has put a trillion tons of excess carbon into the atmosphere (and another trillion and a half tons have been absorbed by the oceans). This excess carbon in Earth’s atmosphere and in our oceans has catastrophic effects on all living things through…

By Mark Tracy

Ag Tech (technology applied to agriculture) is a hot sector of venture investment. A convergence of forces has made agriculture a focus of entrepreneurial activity not seen since the cotton gin. Agriculture sits at the intersection of climate change, sustainability, trade, finance, and international development. There are over 500 million farms globally and according to the FAO, 60% of the world’s population depends on agriculture for its livelihood and employment. Agriculture is one of the planet’s oldest industries. Consequently it is also slow to adapt to change.

For twenty years I worked for one of the world’s…

Cloud Agronomics

Cloud Agronomics is a geospatial imaging and analytics company creating a living map of global agriculture.

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