Why HP buying EUCA is huge

Instead of replying via multiple tweets, I thought I would articulate why I think this is huge and is currently in awe of whoever is running HP strategy. Its a short post.

Things EUCA focused on and did well:

  1. Interoperability with AWS — this was their differentiator
  2. Simple to get started — one line install and minutes to get started
  3. Product Focus — they stayed focused and executed well on delivering a product.

HP had indicated they want to focus on OpenStack. What are things OpenStack struggles with?

  1. Interoperability with AWS — this became a tangled mess and no one wanted to tackle it or address it. Very political issue.
  2. Hard to get started — takes experts and upgrades are a PITA
  3. Lacks Product Focus — its a foundation, bunch of components, no common theme.

Now look at both lists. Now, look at them again. Connect the dots. Someone at HP did, IMHO and executed on it. If you had asked me last night if HP would buy EUCA, I probably wouldn’t have guessed it. But, now that it happened, things are more clear.

I am excited for future of HP Cloud offerings and think they suddenly become a serious contender.

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