Org Lifecycle Management — Empowering Admins

Org Lifecycle management

The role of an Admin has never been comfortable, and their path is never straight. On a daily basis, every admin comes across either one or two issues in spite of the fact how much he knows. It becomes necessary for an admin to know how to manage things and tackle the issues wisely. We should empower our unsung heroes as they are the ones to take care of the entire configuration and deployment. They are the ones to build out the strategies. They are an essential part of a company.

It is essential for an Admin to keep in mind that no changes are done entirely in the production even if the change is for assigning permissions. One should test first in developer edition or sandboxes. Let’s have a look at what are the Things to do for admin:

  1. Learn standard features

Every admin should have the good knowledge of all the standard features which are provided by Salesforce. It will help you work more efficiently and quickly.

2. Don’t reinvent the wheel

Experimenting new things is always good but not in this case. If the feature is already present in Salesforce then why to work hard building the same again.

3. Deliver excellence

The primary focus should always be to deliver the project as the end client demanded it. There should not be any loopholes. Thorough testing is very much necessary before delivering.

4. Focus on the HOW

Avoid starting working as soon as you get requirement. There is always a chance that you will be messily finishing things. First, figure out what needs to be done and whether you know how this can be done.

5. Keep business focused on underlying WHY

It is very much necessary to know that why this needs to be done. The primary focus should be WHY? There can be a high possibility that end client himself is not knowing the tasks exactly or he is not able to explain you. While gathering information, please ask him why.

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