Cloud computing a stepping stone to Digital Transformation

Cloud computing has increased its network of roots all around the globe and has connected continents with cities, cities with towns and towns with districts. These days cloud has a major presence everywhere and is a trending technology topic that pops up all around the world. Microsoft build Azure which is a cloud platform and is in the business of cloud from long time now. They are one of the best cloud platforms to set-up public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Azure offers SaaS, PaaS and IaaS deployment models. It helps businesses to rapidly build, deploy and migrate their application, data, or infra, from on-premise or from one cloud computing service to another seamlessly.

UnifyCloud who are working hand in hand with Azure and know the requirements established by Microsoft Azure through & through. UnifyCloud which is a Redmond Washington based Cloud solutions provider that specializes in cybersecurity, compliance, and cost management.

UnifyCloud helps its business partners and customers to reduce complexity and risk with the CloudAtlas® suite of products. CloudAtlas® spans the entire Cloud migration journey and assesses, migrates, and provides compliance baselines for a Cloud environment.

UnifyCloud has been tagged as a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Migrate Partner which has helped businesses on their journey to Azure since 2010. With Unify Cloud’s Azure migration tools which reduces the risk in public, private or hybrid environment. Microsoft Azure Migration tools are known for security, scalability, and reliability.

Unify Cloud’s CloudAtlas suite of products are the right Azure migration tools which are building trust in your cybersecurity risk management. With CloudAtlas Suite, which are designed with flexibility and associability with Azure compliance guidelines in mind to get a secured environment for all your on-premise applications. With our tools of Azure migration, users are free to see the upcoming infrastructural environment on cloud and one can even locate your VMs and DB servers with exact sizing details.

The right solutions to all your cloud migration issues are here with integrated CloudAtlas tool Suite:

CloudSupervisor® Azure (Azure Monitoring)

CloudPilot® (Application Migration)

CloudRecon® (Infrastructure Assessment)

CloudOrigin® (Azure guidance & Baseline Management)

CloudSupervisor® O365 (Analytical Reporting Tool)