The fact that we do not store sensitive information is well known,
while dealing with containers, Kubernetes, cloud, and secrets
we must avoid or should not commit sensitive information like
Access keys, passwords, and SSH Private keys in the repository,
even if the repository is private.

There are various OpenSource tools that can be used to Secure secretes.
Few of them are :

  • BlackBox
  • SOPS
  • Transcrypt

Also, there are larger Options like :

In this post we’ll talk about the git-crypt tool and how it helps encrypt sensitive information…

Architectures focusing on container microservices have substantially changed the way modern software is developed and implemented by engineering and operations teams. No doubt Containers helped businesses to modernize by making applications easier to scale and deploy, but containers have also created new challenges and more complexity by creating an entirely new structure of environment for infrastructure.

Lets me take you to the scenario - Suppose Cloudbunny likes to work with containers and designed an application using containers that works quite well and deploys the application for use. Day by day the utilization of application going skyrocket and now Cloudbunny needs…

A whole new revolution of containerization started with the Docker where the daemon process manages the whole bunch of things and became one of the most popular and widely used container management systems.

But. Hold on! Do you really think it is worth sticking to the Docker by assuming it’s the only effective way of containerization?

This blog post will help you with such questions like:

Why would we not use Docker? Why would we use Docker? Are there no alternatives to it ? and when you will start using new set of tools for container management , docker will…

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