Launching CloudCosts — How to stop that surprise AWS bill

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Have you read posts like “My massive unexpected AWS bill” or “A very expensive AWS mistake”? Have you ever left infrastructure for your school project or other ideas running? CloudCosts is our new attempt at launching a platform for the hackers, creators and builders of the world that struggle with maintaining and managing infrastructure costs for their personal projects or even products that they manage.

I remember being on vacation and opening my email to an AWS bill of over $400 because I had forgotten to turn off a service before jumping on a plane. This is a simple problem that almost every developer I’ve met has.

The platform that we’ve built simply ingests cost metrics from your AWS (and eventually google cloud) accounts and provides simple graphs and alerts on when your spending has changed. Get notified daily of your forecasted spend and changes to your daily spend, and don’t worry, our forecasting methods factor out those one time costs so you can rely on the forecast that your are getting.

This platform is built by and for developers who want to build and create great things but have the billing get out of the way. Sign up over at and join our gitter to start the conversation about how we can manage our costs better so we can all get back to building the things we love.

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