As a startup, which database should one use, AWS or Azure?

There can be different ways to select the database depending on the developers work criteria. Each of them has a specific task to perform and better in their own ways. Some may probably go with AWS, while other feel satisfied working with Azure. The database server management services provide all assistance of database working and development.

AWS or Azure?

  1. For many users, it appears that Azure is ready for prime time. The Azure dashboard is a UX calamity. It might be OK for standing up a db to back a demo site, but many users don’t feel confident having a production db on it.
  2. Many developers are just a fan of AWS. It makes about 90% of their DevOp problems go away a few button clicks. It is not the fastest or the cheapest PaaS, but who cares if it solves all problems in a few click.
  3. To maximize the speed, the user may not go with outsourcing DevOps. AWS is also the most mature database on Security. Azure is not as mature in any way.
  4. AWS provides the most flexibility and PaaS database Services. Dynamo is a scaling NoSQL database option or you can go with traditional SQL services including Microsoft’s SQL or the free MySQL platform using their RDS to manage most of your day- to- day DB server management tasks.
  5. To get familiar with the fundamentals, you must start looking at the AWS free Tier to tiker.

AWS is more favorable to use as a startup for the aforesaid points. For any other queries, we at CloudEgg are eager to answer.

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Originally published at on August 6, 2016.