What is better: cPanel or Plesk?

Both cPanel and Plesk have their own merit to performance and varies according to the kind of development you need. You may be ranging for the easiest, most profitable and complete automation solution that would promote to help your business grow. The Plesk Server Management services and cPanel server management services provides all assistance to your working need in best possible way but you just need to select the one more suitable for your job.

  1. It has a good support and no problem at all related to MySQL like that in Plesk. It is available for VPS as well as Dedicated servers.
  2. cPanel is slightly more powerful, with a few extra mail server options, including better SMTP support, while plesk has cross platform support and better reselling features for much less than forking out for a WHMCS license as a third party option.
  3. cPanel is better as Plesk comes with Nginx as reverse proxy in front of Apache which seems to make things more complicated. cPanel comes with Apache by default it is simple and straight-forward.
  4. There are lots of problems with Plesk back-up and people have errors. cPanel is much more stable and there were less errors.
  5. cPanel has considerably better support, documentation, and includes software modules for which there is ample support and documentation.
  6. It is much easier to operate and it is developing/released a Window based solution.
  7. For windows, Plesk is the best there is, other than any configuration server for yourself. It has the mean s to control MS SQL using Power Pack and it is pretty handy.
  8. The real question you should ask yourself is “if you are going to host on Linux, which should you use?” because for windows, Enkompass is atrocious and no longer supported.
  9. If you are after something for the long haul, then Plesk is best suited for your work. It had made much better leaps and bounds than cPanel over last few years.
  10. Big environments work on Plesk and not on cPanel. And with PPA (Plesk Parallels Automation) it’s getting even more impressive, because parallels are starting to utilize their virtualization acumment to better their shared hosting product.
  11. Plesk can be used for both Linux and Windows system, but cPanel is only used for Linux.

Thus, it depends on several factors for selection of either of them. The advantages of both cPanel and Plesk are discussed above. For further queries, get in touch with our server expert member at cloudegg.com helpdesk.

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Originally published at cloudeggblog.wordpress.com on April 19, 2016.