Small firms shift to benefit from Cloud

Cloud IBN offers Tips on cloud migration, to Small IT Firms

Before migrating to cloud, businesses must first study their current assets and check how they can be optimised.

Pune, 14 July 2017: Past decade have seen tremendous evolution in the IT industry, after introduction of the strongest and most discussed tool: Cloud. Which used to be just a buzzword in the IT world has now become the most cost effective solution for businesses and individuals, especially for the start-ups. Businesses are adopting the cloud computing at a break neck speed. The most inherent benefits like no infrastructure overhead, lower operational costs makes cloud the most attractive proposal for start-ups and SMEs.

According to the cloud professionals, migration of the on-premise applications to cloud needs a well drafted strategy. Cloud IBN will like to focus on few important tips for Start-ups while migrating to cloud.

The key of success lies in the knowledge of CTOs and CIOs about both the rewards and the risks involved in the transition process. Things like reliability, security, employee training and capacity are few of the issues that need to be taken care of.

To guide start up companies optimise their journey to the cloud, Cloud IBN has developed seven vital steps to cloud heaven:

Homework is a must: It simply means a research about the type of cloud service that best serves your business requirements.

Plan the migration: To start with, set up and run some pilots and see if the plan runs smoothly. This will demonstrate the cost savings as well.

Choose Mr. Right: Study the track record of the cloud provider along with their data security standards, scalability and backup policies.

Train your staff: Training your staff before and after cloud migration ensures a smooth running of the process. Ensure all your staffs are certified in cloud technology.

Keep your back up plan ready: Before starting your cloud migration, you must have the undo process in your hand. Preparing yourself for failures will give you strength.

Take employee feedback: Increasing employee productivity is one of the important reasons behind cloud migration. Study their feedback on regular basis.

Optimize: Continuously monitor the current and future business requirements and plan accordingly.

Keep calm and speak Cloud!

Get it right from day one! A proper in-depth research — followed by choice of best-fit cloud provider — followed by a well planned and executed migration strategy is going to lead your business from legacy IT infra to the best cloud computing environment.