7 Must-Have Apps for Salesforce

Salesforce admins and users from around the world were asked, “What’s the one app for Salesforce you can’t live without?”

In an annual admin survey, Salesforce admins were polled on their behaviors and practices related to Salesforce. One topic of the survey asked participants to indicate their favorite app for Salesforce that makes their job easier.

Ranked in order of votes, the winners were:

#1 DupeCatcher

Useful for: preventing duplicate records

This was the overall winner with the most votes. DupeCatcher stops duplicate records from being created in Salesforce as they’re entered in real-time. You can either block the dupes or merge them with existing records using custom filters.

What users say: “Works as a great tool to prevent duplicate data from being created or updated on any primary object. Easy to install, setup and configure. End users seem to like it to. It makes them aware of duplicate records they never knew existed!”

Price: FREE

View DupeCatcher on the AppExchange

#2 Conga Suite

Useful for: creating and sending reports

Conga’a suite of products include Composer and Courier. Conga Composer allows you to turn your Salesforce data into proposals, invoices, receipts, contracts, quotes, charts — any document or report you need, you can easily produce it. As the name suggests, Conga Courier lets you schedule and deliver reports on your Salesforce data to anyone who needs it.

What users say: “We use both Conga Composer and Conga Conductor to offer solutions for our users ranging from weekly activity report generation to commission invoices to engineering documents that go to our manufacturing floor. The Conga Apps have been able to deliver the desired results.”

Price: Composer starts at $15 per user per month. Courier starts at $1 per report per month

View on Composer on the AppExchange | View Courier on the AppExchange

#3 Dataloader.io

Useful for: importing data

Dataloader.io, built right into Salesforce, allows you to easily import, export, and delete data in Salesforce. You can even schedule imports on a routine basis.

What users say: “I began to use Data Loader when I had to mass create notes (objects) to leads in Salesforce. The process is easy and quick! Thanks to Data Loader I use Salesforce more efficiently.”

Price: FREE version. Also a $99/mo and $299/mo for more sophisticated features

View Dataloader.io on the AppExchange

#4 DocuSign

Useful for: signing documents electronically

DocuSign is the most popular way to electronically sign documents. Besides, who has time to print documents, find a pen, sign, and wait for the ink to dry before finally scanning the document.

What users say: “I use it in Salesforce in my everyday sales life for any contract I do. It works perfectly and it saves me a lot of admin time in converting quotes.”

Price: General plans start at $10 per month

View DocuSign on the AppExchange

#5 Field Trip by Qandor

Useful for: analyzing Salesforce fields

Another reporting tool, Field Trip allows you to analyze and run reports on — you guessed it — fields in Salesforce. Find out how many fields you use and examine the data.

What users say: “This app is an A Star admin tool for maintaining fields and knowing what is redundant making it easier to be an amazing admin and staying up to date.”

Price: FREE

View Field Trip on the AppExchange

#6 Cloudingo

Useful for: cleaning data and deleting existing dupes

If you want clean data and are tired of duplicate records ruining your data, you need to get Cloudingo. Using powerful filters you can eliminate duplicates that already exist in your Salesforce data or from mass imports. You can also merge, convert, update, delete in bulk, and schedule Cloudingo to automatically clean your data when you need.

What users say: “We’d been battling data quality issues for awhile. I had finally had enough, and we decided to invest in Cloudingo. Will never use Salesforce now without it!”

Price: Starts at $996 per Salesforce instance per year

View Cloudingo on the AppExchange

#7 Cirrus Insight

Useful for: syncing Salesforce with other email clients and apps

Cirrus Insight is a tool used to integrate Salesforce with Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, and more. Some of the things you can do with the app include track and save emails directly to Salesforce, create leads, contacts, and opportunities, save attachments to related objects, and sync Google Calendar and Contacts to Salesforce.

What users say: “Cirrus makes the integration between Gmail and Salesforce seamless. By allowing you to create contact, schedule tasks, and link e-mail to contacts directly from Gmail this app saves time and makes you more efficient.”

Price: Starts at $19 per user per month

View Cirrus Insight on the AppExchange

Note: Although both DupeCatcher and Cloudingo were created by our company, we did not bribe, pay, or twist anyone’s arm to vote for them. Participants openly indicated their choices.

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