Trying Openedoo on self-hosted server, running as systemd service

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Openedoo is open source platform for education that is built with python flask.

This article will guide you to setup openedoo on self-hosted deployment server. It will cover how to run Openedoo as systemd service. The server uses Debian 8.6, and as demo.

Openedoo Project Setup

:~$ virtualenv
:~$ cd && source bin/activate
:~$ pip install openedoo
:~$ openedoo install

Run as systemd service

To make starting and stopping openedoo easy, we can use systemd. It can help openedoo restart automatically on script crash too.

:-$ sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/openedoo.service

Write the service script inside

Description=Openedoo command line

ExecStart=/home/dwi/ /home/dwi/ run -h -p 2367


(Configure with your own environment setup) Save and close. Then reload the systemd daemon.

:-$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Now, you can start/stop openedoo with

:-$ sudo systemctl start openedoo
:-$ sudo systemctl stop openedoo
:-$ sudo systemctl restart openedoo


I use custom port because my server port 5000 is blocked.

ExecStart=/home/dwi/ /home/dwi/ run -h -p 2367