HP Z600 Workstation Memory Upgrades

The HP Z600 is a stout little machine. Being that it’s been around since 2009 you might think it outdated. You would only be half right.

The HP Z600 is a quite capable machine. It can hold 48gb of Ram and came with a 500Gb hard drive. While that may not seem like anything to spectacular by todays standards, it’s still quite a lot of space. The thing I find interesting is that it’s a workstation. It doesn’t take a rack or anything extra special. What you’ve got is a bit of an extra powerful home computer that costs about 1/4 of the price of new machines and outperforms most of them.

HP Z600 Server

Looking around you can find them used for a few hundred dollars, and maxing out the memory to well beyond PC standards for a couple hundred more. Look here at HP Z600 Memory Upgrades Cloud Ninjas offers.

For this reason the HP Z600 is a great value of a workstation to use in offices or even as a revved up home computer.

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