When You Have More Than 30 Tasks per Day, You Need 1 Unconventional Solution

It is funny how companies go to great lengths to build comprehensive user personas—buy software, turn to agencies—but take little effort in talking to their users like a human.

It all came down to one conversation between me(Lea.Liao) and Ondrej (click here to see the interview between us) we talked about how besides surveys and all that stuff, an in-depth conversation is always better than anything else when you wanna get to know your users better.

But you know what’s even better? Let’s not focus on just ourselves, let’s listen to our users’ stories, ask them to share with us their knowledge and visions, get to know them, again, like a human.

After all, we want, in every way that we could, to help our users boost their productivity and businesses.

Samuel Hapak

Just like that, we nailed an exclusive interview with Samuel Hapak, the co-founder of Vacuumlabs, to talk about his stories and experiences with Cloudo:

Lea: Can you briefly introduce to our readers what Vacuumlabs does?

Samo: What we do at Vacuumlabs is software developing for customers like think tanks and startups, most of our customers are from western Europe or the U.S.

Lea: What do you think that makes Vacuumlabs special?

Samo: The key difference of Vacuumlabs is talents. We really try our best to recruit the best people, also we have the advantage of knowing them from high school because we were all in an association that consists of elite students. This association that closely connects this group of people exists for already 30 years now.

Lea: What inspired you to co-found Vacuumlabs, what was the “that’s it I’m gonna do it” moment?

Samo: Well, actually it’s more like “let’s have some fun” moment. It was 5 years ago in college, me and my friend were brain-storming what to do, and we were like “let’s create a software that helps people find teachers.”

Lea: wait, so finding teachers was the first initiative of Vacuumlabs? That’s very different from what you are doing right now.

Samo: We asked a lot of friends for feedback, and their responses were like “I would never use it, why would I use that.” We were somehow depressed by the feedback (laugh) so we abandoned it. But during the programming process of this, we realized something: let’s do programming for others and their ideas because we have a lot of people who are very talented in software developing.

Lea: What is your role in the team?

Samo: The majority of my job is talking to people, I focus on hiring and business developing.

Lea: What is your daily routine like?

Samo: It depends on the day of the week, for example, my Tuesday is just packed with meetings. I have a lot of meeting with my team members, right after one meeting, there’s another meeting with another person, I have this day for the meetings. Besides Tuesday, for example my Friday is the day without meetings. I try to do some creative stuff, so if I need to focus on something. When you’re creating something, you need a long and uninterrupted period of time.

Lea: When I’m trying to book you for this interview, I can see that you’re a very busy guy from your schedule. And seeing from our data, you have more than 30 activities per day, how does Cloudo help you ease things up?

Samo: I use Cloudo to create tasks in Asana, it’s the Fastest. I don’t need to go to Asana, I can simply type in the keyboard shortcut (ctrl/cmd+shift+X), type in the task name, hit enter, then it’s done. I have more than 30 tasks per day, I need an unconventional solution for that. If I don’t have a very fast and simple way to create tasks, I’m gonna forget them.

Lea:How did you start using Cloudo?

Samo: When I heard about Cloudo for the first time, I checked out all its features. At that time, I immediately realized I really need it to create tasks in Asana, with lightning speed.

Lea: You’ve been using cloudo for 9 months now, is there a story behind it or something specific stood out?

Samo: Not really, Cloudo’s now an essential tool for me. I use it every day, I really like it because it saves my time, but nothing popped up that would distract me from my work.

Lea: During five years at Vacuumlabs, what’s the most valuable or memorable moment for you?

Samo: There’re a lot of moments, the best is when we held our conference last year. We had 90 days to prepare it, to get partners and speakers, and to sell 500 tickets. It went well, it was a great success. This year we are going to make it even bigger.

Lea: Do you have some suggestions for our users and readers?

Samo: I have a suggestion for software developers, think hard and prioritize thinking over programming, and read a lot of books (laugh.)

I enjoyed those 30 minutes talking to Samo, he’s calm man with zero hint showing how crazily high he’s daily tasks are piling up. If you also have a million tasks on your desk, you gotta try out our ultimate productivity suit.

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