Making things with search engines

Start out with 2 known resources that complement each other. I’m going to use three.js sketches, and color pickers. Both of these resources have the power to be tight and look impressive, while requiring very little effort.

The two data sets I’m going to use are the search results for three.js on codepen, and the search results for color picker on product hunt.

I found this particle system in the codepen three.js search results:

This is the color picker that has the most likes when you search color on product hunt:

I follow the instructions on the color picker and pick a good set of colors.

I fork the codepen to create my own copy. I search ‘color’ in the JS section to see where the colors are defined. I change the background.

The particles are defined by a color gradient that’s kind of hard to use. I need to understand the code to be able to manipulate it. Final product is lame:

Lesson learned: if something starts looking lame jump to a different node in the data set. It’s a waste of time to try to get something to work when you can just scrap it and grab something else. Don’t be an engineer, be a scavenger.
Later, I found a particle system that used the exact color sceme I was trying to get to, and overlayed some fonts:

Here is another beautiful particple system, but it would need to be imported into codepen to be modified.

The best repository of sketches is the three.js examples folder, but it’s annoying that there’s no previews

This shader is beautiful:
This broken apart video is also dope, I can see a loooot of applications where that would be beautiful:
Like if you drew these lines, but thicker, in an animated loop, where the projected video was a video of the ocean, and the background was white:

That would be sooo beautiful.

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