Social Media marketing is a mandatory requirement for all modern real estate practitioners to be successful in the business. It’s the second level in the 2018 Real Estate Practitioner Hierarchy of Lead Generation Campaigns.


Paid Advertising campaign is the first layer. It creates the foundation of the pyramid. In the business of real estate, you will need to get your listings in front of as many target audience, as fast as possible. This is specially true in the Philippines, since there is no law that secures exclusivity of listings. One listing could have 10 brokers and 10 agents. In order to beat your competition, you’ll need to have your listings show up on the search engine results page of potential customers — every single day. We discussed how to achieve that in our previous article: LEAD FORMS: USING LEAD FORMS TO GENERATE ₱2M REVENUE

Below are examples of websites that used Paid Advertising to appear on the first page of the Google search results page for the keywords “lot for sale in makati”.

List of websites that are successful in Paid Advertising for the keyword: lot for sale in makati

Social Media Marketing campaign is the second layer which supplements the efforts done in Paid Advertising. That is what we will discuss in this article.

Almost everybody in the world today (or at least, those people that matter in your real estate business) use some kind of social media application, Facebook being the most favored. Buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and their middle-men all use social media to transmit and receive information on a daily basis. Tapping successfully into that “stream of information” means more potential revenue for your real estate business.

MavSocial Twitter Snapshot

SEO or Search Engine Optimization and other forms of marketing campaign (i.e. email marketing) is the third and the top most layer because it takes a lot of time to take effect. SEO is very important for your listings or website in order for it to show up on the first page of the search engine results page, organically (that means its free!), but, as we have mentioned, it takes time, specially for a very saturated industry like real estate.

Below are examples of websites that appear organically on the first page of the Google search results page for the keywords “philippine condos for sale”.

List of websites that are successful in SEO marketing for the keyword: philippine condos for sale

We’ve met people that boast that they could rank a website on the first page of the search engine results page with only (exclusively!) SEO, in just six months. No paid advertising or such.

That’s not entirely impossible, but at minimum, one will need a strong support structure to back one up, which includes:

  1. A multitude of high-value websites ready to give one’s own website high quality backlinks,
  2. A dedicated writer to create (daily, for six months) high quality articles with a good volume of specific keywords,
  3. A large number of audience or followers ready to create high volume of visits to one’s own website, consistently, for six months.

Those 3 items are just the bare minimum. A person that realistically has those structures in place would have a very strong monopoly in the local real estate market. It’s highly unlikely that a real estate agent will have enough time to do all of the aforementioned items in six months, all the while simultaneously trying to close a condo sale.

SEO is a very exciting marketing topic, one that we will discuss in future articles.


The Real Estate Group Philippines published an article citing a research done by WeAreSocial.com which showed that;

“Filipinos were averaging 4 hours and 17 minutes each day on social media.”

In 2017, Philippine residents spent an average of 1 1/2 hours longer on social media than the other countries surveyed by the GlobalWebIndex!

Philippine social media is a gold mine and in order for you to profit on it, you will need to use a social media automation tool to automatically mine that gold. That is where MavSocial comes in handy.

MavSocial.com home page

MavSocial is the creation of the visionary named, Chris Hodgeman. Because of his tool, real estate practitioners were able to enjoy experimental lead exchange platforms such as the Philippine Lead Exchange, albeit for a limited period of time.

Partial list of leads on Philippine Lead Exchange (311). Full Name, Mobile Number & Email Add removed for security purposes.

Philippine Lead Exchange was the proof that there’s real estate money to be made in social media through the use of MavSocial.


MavSocial has 5 types of pricing plans; Small Business (Free), Advanced ($19 /month or ₱971), PRO ($59 /month or ₱3,016.40), Agency ($199 /month or ₱10,173.97), Enterprise (tailored fit for you).

When you sign up, the default account will be Advanced ($19). It will be on a 7 day trial, after which, your account will be downgraded to the Small Business (Free).

It’s worth noting that the higher plan that you’re in, the more mining power you will have.

Step 1: Sign Up on MavSocial here.

Step 2: Verify your account.

Notification on the verification page.
Email verification.

Step 3: Go to your Maventus Dashboard, hover your mouse on the ‘human icon’ at the upper right side of the window and choose ‘Social Networks’ on the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Add your social media accounts.

Tip 1: It is best to have your social media account open in a new tab before clicking on the ‘Add Account’ button.

Tip 2: Since you’re still on the Advanced Plan, add 10 of your Social Profiles.

Facebook: 1 Main Profile, 4 Groups & 2 Pages.
Twitter: 1 profile
LinkedIn: 2 profiles
Total: 10 social profiles

Step 5: Once that’s all set, hover your mouse in the ‘Campaigns’ tab located at the left sidebar and choose ‘Create Campaign’.

Step 6: Fill out the details on the ‘Create Campaign’ form. Make sure to change the ‘End Date’ to Perpetual. Once you’re done, click the ‘Create Campaign’ button.

Step 7: Hover your mouse on the ‘Post Manager’ tab located at the left sidebar and choose ‘Post Manager’.

Step 8: It will take you to the heart of MavSocial, the ‘Post Manager’ window.

This is where you will be able to schedule your real estate posts across the different social media platforms.

8.1. Create a graphic that will show what you’re selling or offering. You can use the free app called Canva.com to quickly design graphics, without the need for Adobe Photoshop.

Canva has pre-made templates (for Social Graphic, Logo, Poster, Flyer, etc…) that you could easily use. All you have to do is choose from the selection.

A) In this example, we’ll choose ‘Social Graphic’.

B) After choosing Social Graphic, the next window will ask you ‘What type of social graphic?’. In this example, we will choose ‘Facebook Post’.

C) After you have chosen, the next window will bring you to the Canva design dashboard. On the left side of the screen, you will see two columns of Canva layouts, choose whichever you like.

Example: For this example, all we have to do is change the pre-made texts to our desired sentences.

D) The output.
In this example, we want to capture potential condo buyers.

E) After that, all you have to do is click on the ‘Download’ button on the top-right-side of the window, then choose ‘PNG (Recommended)’, then ‘Download’.

F) After you have downloaded the graphic, check your Download folder.

You can now upload it on the MavSocial ‘Post Manager’.

Step 9: Uploading the graphic on the Post Manager.

9.1. Start by clicking on the ‘Upload Images’ icon.

9.2. Choose the image file in your Download folder.

9.3. Once the image has been uploaded, time to write your “clickbaity” or eye-catching message on the text box.

You’ll then need to paste your CLOUDSERVIZ Lead Form URL in the URL box below the text box.

MavSocial does this cool trick of shortening URL’s. Once you’re done pasting your CLOUDSERVIZ Lead Form URL, you’ll see it as “http://mvnt.us/”. This makes it look sleek and clean.

9.4. Hover on the social media icons and check the pages you’d like the image to be posted.

9.5. Click on the ‘Schedule’ icon. It will reveal a (1) calendar, (2) Email me when scheduled post is published option & (3) finally, the Time Zone when you’d like the schedule to be published.

By default, the Time Zone is on (-05:00) Eastern time (US&Canada). You have to change it to (+08:00) Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei.

After you’re done, click the ‘Schedule’ button.

It’s 7:03PM. We’ll schedule for 7:10PM.

…And here are the results:

A) Result from one of the Facebook pages

B) Result from the Personal page

9.6. To check on your scheduled posts inside MavSocial, all you have to do is hover your mouse on the ‘Campaigns’ tab on the left sidebar and choose ‘Campaign Calendar’.

9.7. It will then take you to the ‘Campaign Planner’ window where you’ll be able to see all the scheduled posts for the day, week or month. A green highlight signifies that the posts have been published.

9.8. This is what it looks like when you’re power mining Philippine social media using the PRO plan.

*The red highlight means something went wrong with the post so it did not push through. **Gray highlight means it’s scheduled for publishing.

Based from this example, posts are ready to be published from February 8 to February 18.

If you do this method consistently for twelve months, your potential customers and peers on social media will have the impression that you are an expert in the field of real estate, that you are trustworthy and therefore, would trust you with their decision to buy, sell or rent a condo or any real estate.

Nobody wants to work with somebody who just comes and goes. Buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and your colleagues wants to work with someone who stay consistent all throughout the year, someone they would see in their social media feeds daily.

Step 10: That’s all there is to it! Rinse and repeat!

MavSocial has a lot of other powerful features that we were not able to cover here. Have fun and discover it for yourself.

To end this discussion we would like to be extra clear, the first batch of 1000 leads will not come in 1 week or 1 month. This is not magic, it’s science.

Always remember: You need consistency in this campaign.

MavSocial’s power of automation will remove the only weakness in social media marketing: human. As humans, we are very emotional and prone to the effects of our environment. We easily succumb to boredom or laziness and some of us are easily distracted or are always physically sick (hangover, anyone?), when that happens, we are not able to properly do what we need to do. How will you be able to generate 1000 social media leads if you’re heart broken and just want to cry in the corner? or if you have a migraine (or another hangover) and need to lay in bed? Do you get the idea?

In our next article, we’ll show you the power of CLOUDSERVIZ Customer Records & Revenue Analytics.

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