This tutorial/article has been long overdue and as it so happens, its going to be our first article here on Medium!

As of this writing (6 Feb 2018), there’s only around 100 users in our system, mostly composed of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you very much ladies and champs!’ for being part of our early adopters. We’re etching your names in stone so when we reach 1M users, we could send each and everyone of you cakes! Specially you, Maq!

We’ve made enough improvements in our software that we feel confident sharing it with the rest of the world.

Real World Results, Not Hypothetical

Before CLOUDSERVIZ, many real estate professionals, including this brokerage, used tons of different web forms to capture sales and rental leads. The most advanced amongst them was HelloTars chatbots. A revolutionary chatbot, but unfortunately, lacked the necessary record keeping backend for real estate.

Real world experiments in record keeping and lead generation, dating as far back as 2012, helped us determine the correct tools and methods to utilize in order to capture leads, and that is what we‘d like to share in this article.

Using the CLOUDSERVIZ Lead Forms helped that brokerage end 2017 with a revenue of ₱2,668,591.

A screenshot from CLOUDSERVIZ Revenue Analytics

From Zero to a Million Pesos

Now, this isn’t a Get-Quick-Rich scheme. Its actual science and you have to tweak it as you go.


Step 1: Open your CLOUDSERVIZ account and go to the ‘Lead Forms’ tab on the left sidebar.

Lead Forms Tab

Step 2: Once you’re at the Lead Forms window, choose ‘+Create Lead Form’ tab located at the top of the window.

+Create Lead Forms Tab

Step 3: After you have clicked on the +Create Lead Form tab, it will take you to the forms window. From there, you will have to choose between (A) RENTAL & (B) SALES. Choose the appropriate type of form for your project.

Form Screen

Step 4: Filling out the details.

We divided the form creation page into 4 segments; Interface, Notifications, Location Marker & Fields.

4.1. INTERFACE SEGMENT: Fill-out the following

A) Form Name — for your personal reference later on.

B) Background Image URL Path — a link/URL to a photo that you would like included as the background of your form.

Example #1: You can use your own photo from your own website as a background.

The final result looks like this

Example #2: You can also use a Facebook image to create a background.

Once you have picked a Facebook image, all you have to do is “right-click” on the image and choose “Copy Image Address”.

After that, paste the Image Address on the Background Image URL Path field.

The final result looks like this

C) Redirection URL — After your customer have filled out the lead form, you can bring them to a default or custom webpage.

You have 2 options for this:

i. CLOUDSERVIZ Default Redirection URL: This is the default webpage after your customer has filled out the form. You can preview what it looks like by clicking on the thumbnail at the right side of the window.

Preview: Default Redirection URL
Default Thank You Page

It will show a blue background and white box with text: Form submitted. Thank you for completing the form! We’ll be in touch with you via email about your property request. (Note: You cannot change the copy inside this default page).

ii) Custom URL: This option will give you more freedom to bring your customer to whatever webpage you like.

I.e. After your customer has finished filling out the lead form, you can take them to your Facebook page.

A Facebook page we created specifically for this example.

Better yet, if you have your own website, you can bring them to your own ‘Thank you’ page, like this…

Custom OneSerendraForRent.com Thank You Page

This is what the INTERFACE segment will look like after you have finished completing the fields:

4.2. NOTIFICATION SEGMENT: Fill-out the following:

A) Email Subject for Notifications — the email subject you’d like to see in your inbox whenever you receive a lead.

I.e. Lead! Philippine Condos For Sale

Email Subject on your inbox
The actual email with the details of your lead

B) List Email-ids for Notifications: (Use comma to separate each email address) — the email address that you would like to receive the leads from. You can add as many email addresses of team members as you like.

This is what the NOTIFICATION segment will look like after you have finished completing the fields:

4.3. LOCATION MARKET SEGMENT: Optional to fill out

We made the fields optional to fill out, because, like this in our example (Philippine Condos For Sale) there’s no specific location that we’re targeting. If you’re selling a specific building or on a specific city or province, you can fill out the fields so the system could automatically tag where your lead is looking to buy a property from.

4.4. FIELDS: Show or remove a specific field (this is self explanatory)

Take note: The fields that you opt to “Show” will be part of the lead form that your customer will fill out.

Once you’re done, click the ‘Submit’ button.

You’re new form will appear in in the ‘CLOUDSERVIZ Form List’.

You can double check on it by clicking on the ‘Form Link’.

Step 5: Deploy your new lead form on the Google Search results page using Google Adwords Express.

In other words, this is the advertising part. This is the money maker. You can create as many CLOUDSERVIZ Lead Forms as you like and create as many Google advertising campaigns as necessary.

Google Adwords Express is the fastest and easiest tool to get your CLOUDSERVIZ Lead Form in front of your target market. Simply go to https://www.google.com/adwords/express/ and Sign In using your Gmail account.

We also recommend you download the Google Adwords Express app on the Apple App store and Google Play store to make the monitoring of advertising campaigns as easy and convenient as possible.

5.1. ADWORDS EXPRESS START: After you have signed in on your Adwords Express account, it will take you to the starting page. Click the ‘Get Started Button’.

Welcome to Adwords Express

5.2. DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS: You can use any business name that you like. In this example, we’re sticking with Philippine Condos For Sale.

For the Business website, simply paste the CLOUDSERVIZ form link that you created, then click the ‘Save’ button.

5.3. PICK A GOAL FOR YOUR AD: Choose ‘Take an action on your website’, then click the ‘Pick Goal’ button.

5.4. WHERE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS?: In here, you can specify where your Google search advertisement will be seen.

A) You can choose on a Country-level (Philippines, Singapore, Australia)

B) Regional-level

C) City-level

D) or even Neighborhood-level

The people in the location you choose will be the only one to see your Google search advertisement. I.e. if you picked Neighborhood-level like Fort Bonifacio, only the people located inside Fort Bonifacio will be able to see the advertisement.

This is perfect when you want to zero in on your target market. Real estate professionals who are always deployed abroad can use this to deploy their forms on specific countries with high concentration of Filipinos.

5.5. DEFINE YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE: This will determine how your Google advertisement will show up on the search results page of your target customers.

A) You can define the language. By default we use English.

B) On the ‘What is your business category’ segment, you can type in “Condominium Complex” or “Condo”. You can play around with this to see which category fits the product you’re selling.

C) On the ‘What specific products or services do you want to promote in this ad?’ segment, you can add the specific keywords for your product/service or choose the keywords below the ‘Suggested for you’ title.

Once you have selected the keywords, Adwords Express will show the potential audience size for your advertisement. This is the potential number of customers that might see your ad.

After you’re done, click the ‘Next’ button.

5.6. CREATE YOUR ADWORDS EXPRESS AD: We’re almost done! After you have clicked ‘Next’, it will take you to the advertisement page.

This is where you will create the “eye catching” advertisement that your customers will potentially see when they search Google for “buying a condo, condo house, luxury condo, new condos for sale or downtown condos for sale”.

A) Here’s a sample ad that we created.

In the ‘Headline 1’ section: Philippine Condos For Sale
In the ‘Headline’ 2 section: Buy Great Priced Condos Today
In the ‘Description’ section: Search for Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR condo units anywhere in the Philippines, today.

The headlines and description have an 80 characters limitation, so you have to make it as short, concise and catchy as possible.

After you’re done, click on ‘Next’ button.

5.7. SET YOUR BUDGET: This is one of the most important parts of the advertising campaign. The higher the budget, the more your advertisement will be shown to potential customers.

Adwords express will show you, through the blue highlight, located in the budget bar the ‘typical competitor budget range’, this is the average amount of money your competitors spend.

You can also see on the right side, the box for ‘Estimated performance’. As you adjust your budget, it will show you the corresponding number of views and clicks per month.

Once you’re satisfied with your budget, click on the ‘Next’ button.

5.8. REVIEW YOUR AD SETTINGS: This window will show you everything that you did on Step #5.

5.9. CONFIRM PAYMENT INFO: This is the last part of the Adwords Express process. Make sure to change the ‘Time zone’ to (GMT+8:00) Manila. By default, it’s at (-8:00).

After you have filled out the the necessary details, click on ‘I agree to the AdWords terms and conditions.’ and you’re all set!

All you have to do now is wait for your Google advertisement to kick in. You should be receiving plenty of leads in your email within 24-hours.

If not, you will need to check the settings of your advertisement to see which part is weakening your campaign.

In our next article, we’ll show you how we used MavSocial to capture 1000’s of leads on social media.

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