CloudSwyft NOW Available @ the Microsoft Store!

Stepping Up the Game

As of October 2016, CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc.’s Assessment and Learning platform is available at the Microsoft Store. Microsoft (MS), known as the leading multinational technology company, is backing up CloudSwyft’s ideals in presenting cloud-based platforms that deals with both the hiring process of IT Professionals as well as enhancing their IT skills via Career Development and IT Skills Training. This attests that the said startup company has stepped up their game in proving their platforms’ capabilities and standards.

The Product

CloudSwyft Training and Assessment Platform listed as one of the products available at the Microsoft Store.

The said cloud-based platforms serve as a Lab-as-a-Service system that caters to all kinds of enterprises, universities, head hunters or Human Resources agencies as well as online training hubs. Both of the Assessment and Learning platforms are designed to adapt and be versatile-wise to address the client’s standards. A hybrid virtual machine serve as “cloud labs” is considered the backbone of both the platforms.

Assessment Platform

IT enterprises or companies in need of an IT professional usually stated their standards to the company’s human resources relying to meet the given set of standards or IT skills. The challenge would not be to find aspiring applicants but to attest whether the said applicants can perform the required IT software applications. CloudSwyft Assessment Platform presents a number of standard-set software applications like Java, .Net, Palo Atlo, etc. Applicants will then be asked to perform specific tasks using the required application which will be monitored real-time by the recruiter.

The assessment can be performed using CloudSwyft’s cloud labs which serve as virtual machines wherein the contents may vary or pre-set based on the clients standards.

Learning Platform

A cloud-based learning platform — as it is. The said platform presents a structured class curriculum along with hands-on cloud lab training. CloudSwyft’s Learning Platform offers a cloud remote assistance which offers a multiple labs pre-set in the trainee’s virtual machines per project — as always, based on the client’s set of standards. This can be monitored by the trainer virtually and real-time to provide a certain classroom vibe may it be an online career development or university course training.

Via Microsoft Store

One can request a demo of CloudSwyft Learning and Assessment Platform by browsing at the Microsoft Store website.

An overview and a number of features shall be posted at the MS Store.

We encourage clients to review CloudSwyft’s product as you attest the platform that sets a standard on how companies EVALUATE and DEVELOP IT skills.


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Please take NOTE that those who are not yet subscribed to CloudSwyft, additional purchased is required to be able to successfully login to the CloudSwyft platforms through your Office 365 user accounts. That being stated, clicking the ‘ADD’ on the Microsoft Store for non-CloudSwyft customers will be redirected to a display page indicating an error. This merely signifies that you are not yet subscribed to CloudSwyft.

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We bring out promising IT professionals — with them LEARNING and PROVING Tech Skills by DOING.

Aiming to create a means on how companies can attest promising IT professional and help aspiring applicants become one. CloudSwyft believes that traditional method of hiring may fall short, with one, tinkering their resumes to appeal ‘suitable’ not to mention going into a traditional process where human resources rely on the applicants choice of words. Our team presents a cloud-based platform of both Lab-as-a-Service and Learning Management System making it a versatile product fit for the entirety of IT employment process and its training development. The product offers a hands-on assessment consists of specific IT software applications set by the employer’s standards. CloudSwyft does not rely on words, it encourage IT professionals to learn IT, by doing IT.

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