Productive Employees Want Career Development — They Crave for It

Why Companies Need to Offer Training and Development for Their IT Employees

You can ask google and look for articles explaining why employees choose to quit their jobs. If you look into it, this term will always be mentioned: career development. This case not only applies on quarter life crisis, nowadays young professionals delve into their career paths and look for ways to avoid being stagnant on their workplace. They want to see what they are capable of. Productive IT employees want career training and development — they crave for it.

Career Training and Development is a means to enhance employee skills and performance. Regardless of the size of an organization, a structured training should be introduced in order to monitor their employee’s performance and create an opportunity to present a new methodology or software applications that the company requires. It is a given fact that organizing training and workshop can be tedious and expensive, nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be. Given the right platform and focusing on certain company areas where improvement is needed, can be rewarding.

A way to step back and look for a different angle

IT professional’s work can be quite repetitive. Once you have mastered a workflow process for a certain project, it is easier to just apply or align it the same way for the next one. There’s a thin line between boring and efficient because you are just retracing your previous project. Company workshops can redefine one’s perspective.

Imagine finding a loophole on how you usually encode your program. Workshops can also give employees a time to take a step back from their workload and refresh their approach by updating their grasp on a given software application.

Stepping out of their comfort zone

Although there could be a downside in having a routine, it is a definite employee asset. Routines can signify that an employee is consistent, organized and has a knack for managing their task. But oftentimes, it can also mean that they are reluctant with change. Although managers prefer their promising staff to remain ‘promising’ there is room for improvement for them to be flexible and adapt to change, new project plans and sudden project modifications. IT Professionals are used to their programs or systems having endless multiple versions and the need to be updated to the latest software applications and upgrades are a must in order for them to comply with their client’s request. Managers can assign their employees with different task and help them verge from different department task that’s beneficial to the company.

Acquiring company workshops and learning platforms can help them step out of their comfort zone, address a certain weakness and engage in new projects confidently.

Improving their productivity

The very goal of the training is to improve employee productivity. It is to ensure that the staff are well equip in using the applications or tools that are required in their field. Managers shall gain a sense of relief and will lessen their concern in monitoring their employee’s performance — knowing that a well-practiced staff can perform well enough to accept more projects. This is to attest that investing on a well-structured training platform can be utilized.

A continuous learning process

IT Professionals are well-aware that verging in this industry is a continuous learning process. The question would be: where to acquire it? There are a number of independent IT learning courses and training but one would have to allot time in order for it not to interfere with their work schedules. Also, there are a number of IT graduates who prefer to take up additional courses alongside their current employment. It would not be long before they ask their superiors if the company offers IT training and development courses. Productive people who are capable of managing multiple projects — those who actually craves for work — are those who wanted a means for them to be more effective. Then again, there is no question on whether they deserve it.

Sense of being valued

Moreover, company-offered courses can signify that employees are given an opportunity to grow and gain a sense of being valued. They can eventually document their achievement and new skill set on their resume for possible career advancement.

Career Training and Development is a way to recognize the staff within your team and create a room for them to grow individually. This will eventually produce promising productive employees that will value your company and their challenging work.

We bring out promising IT professionals — with them actually PROVING IT.

Aiming to create a means on how companies can attest promising IT professionals and help aspiring applicants become one. CloudSwyft believes that traditional method of hiring may fall short, with one, tinkering their resumes to appeal ‘suitable’ not to mention going into a traditional process where human resources rely on the applicants choice of words. Our team presents a cloud-based platform of both Lab-as-a-Service and Learning Management System making it a versatile product fit for the entirety of IT employment process and its training development. The product offers a hands-on assessment that consists of specific IT software applications set by the employer’s standards. CloudSwyft does not rely on words, it encourages IT professionals to learn IT, by doing IT.