Magento 2 Performance Benchmarks on PHP 7

Magento 2 is the new transformed version of Magento, which has various changes and advantages as compared to Magento 1. The most significant changes from the business perspective are the upgrade in Admin Panel and easy to use checkout feature. Improved changes from a developer’s point of view are default image compression, separate tables for order processing, enhanced database execution, static content caching, Composer & CLI, and much more.

Along with Magento 2, we have also witnessed a revolution in the great PHP industry. PHP 7 is an upgraded version of PHP Programming Language, which has included an IT Engine, Abstract Syntax Tree (AST), Standalone Multi-threaded web server and much more. PHP 7 is 2x faster in performance, and it consumes less than 50% of memory relative to previous versions of PHP.

When it comes to Cloud, configuring Magento 2 on the server is a little bit confusing. But with the Cloudways Managed Magento Hosting Platform, you can install Magento 2 using 1-click installer and can easily upgrade your server to PHP 7. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how you can install Magento 2 with PHP 7 in just a few minutes. Also, I’ll be sharing Magento 2 performance benchmarks on PHP 7.

Install Magento 2 With PHP 7 Using Cloudways:

1. Sign up on Cloudways using this link.

Note: If you already have an account, login to Cloudways and launch the new server.

2. Once you signed up, first you will see the Launch Screen, which will ask you to choose your preferred Cloud provider from the available options in “Select Cloud.”

3. In “Select your Application” option, choose Magento 2.

4. Select your server size. If you don’t know your server size, go to “Recommend Me” and click “Recommend.”

5. Select your server location from “Select Location” drop-down.

6. Once you’re done, click on “Launch” button. The server setup and Magento 2 installation will take a few minutes on your selected cloud server.

7. When your server is ready, it’s time to upgrade your server to PHP 7. Click on “Manage Server” button.

8. Scroll down a bit, expand “Server Settings & Packages” section and then go to “Packages” tab.

9. Select “PHP 7” from the “PHP” drop-down and tap the “Save” button. You’ll get an alert which will inquire about your application’s compatibility with PHP 7. We know that Magento 2 is fully compatible with PHP 7, so click on “Proceed” button.

10. After few minutes, your server will be configured to PHP 7.

And you are done! You’ve successfully installed Magento 2 on PHP 7 in just a few clicks.

Performance Benchmarks

Below are the performance benchmarks of Magento 2 with PHP 7. Just look at the impressive results!

Response Time:

This rush generated 50,414 successful hits in 300 seconds with 0% timeouts and errors with 100% hits rates.

1. Response Time:

  • Fastest: 86 ms
  • Slowest: 1,209 ms
  • Average: 371 ms

2. Test Configuration:

  • Region: Ireland
  • Duration: 300 seconds
  • Load: 1–500 users

3. Other Stats:

  • Avg. Hits: 168 /sec
  • Transferred: 9.02MB
  • Received: 6,967.73MB

Hit Rate:

This rush generated 50,414 successful hits with 0% timeouts and errors with 100% hit rate.


Everyone is testing Magento 2 according to their business requirements. But with the Cloudways Managed Magento Cloud Hosting Platform, Developers, and Store Owners can quickly deploy their Magento 2 stores and upgrade their servers to PHP 7 with just a few clicks. So, take advantage of the optimized Magento 2 and PHP 7 combo and start your free trial as soon as possible.

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