Alternate Career Paths?

Ever since graduating form high school I’ve been drifting in between the options that were laid in front of me upon the commencement of my undergraduate degree. Initially, I was dead-on set on becoming a doctor (like half of the human population) just to quickly realize that I was in love with the idea and not the thing itself. I went on to dive into the humanities’ academic maelstrom through the literature BA that I am currently pursuing, feeling like I had cracked the code of life once and for all.


Earlier this semester the sensation of lacking something struck me. And after doing my share of soul searching, the sudden urge to learn to code was unveiled. Moreover, the curiosity of combining coding knowledge with my humanities-based formation drove to a new unknown and uncertain path: Digital Humanities. Now, I am keenly aware of my ignorance in programming and DH studies, but am eager to find out.

These declarations nudge me towards the reason for writing, that I aim to carve into a personal blog. Which of course means that I am writing to myself. This is a space I intend to use as a chronological database of this particular journey I’ve begun to embark in. It is also a principal concern here to improve my English writing skills through continuous practice and ponderations. The inclinations I’ve set as goals to thrive towards, then, shall now be numbered:

  • To ‘think out loud’ ideas that occur to me during the learning process.
  • To explore create an online memory of new media / development / research web tools I encounter.
  • To dive and improve my creative/chronicle writing abilities.
  • To ponder the areas I want to gravitate around and continuously explore new potential job avenues that may surface.
  • To engage in the world of blogging and experience an online platform I’ve never used before.

I believe these are simple enough goals that will most certainly change and transform and reshape themselves in the future. I am looking forward to that and to see where my commitment takes me.

— W. Clouds