The Bootstrap Mountain

I began exploring the web development world through SoloLearn’s course on HTML. Granted, if I’m learning Bootstrap I haven’t got too far, but I’m still just beginning, and I’m also a full-time college student, so decent coding will take time. While HTML and general CSS were fairly easy, I’ve encountered several problems when trying to establish my web pages’ element structure. I did ok with flex boxes, and abandoned the table method, however I tried then to learn Bootstrap 4 with a Lynda class, but was a little bit discouraged with that particular course’s approach. I did FreeCodeCamp but it was too superficial for what I wanted and also Codecademy, with basically the same result. Now I am taking a Udemy course, and finally I feel like I’m making some progress.

I had a rough time with the grid (we’ll see how I do this time when I get to that point), but today I was able to design a simple coffee add page with no problems and solely using basic CSS and Bootstrap 4 classes.

Before Udemy I was trying to dive by myself in the Bootstrap website, just to find that I’d basically have to read most of their whole website info in order to entirely grasp what Bootstrap was. I even started a project, trying to mimic a cool, well designed website, but there were just so many problems that would come up that I decided to look for more tutorials on Bootstrap. i was so frustrated and felt so stupid that even considered just quitting.

“I simply can’t possibly do this alone.” I kept repeating to myself.

But I guess that little victories are what get you by, and today that Udemy course was just it. Finally I completed a project without having to look up a thousand webpages and fully understanding what the code I was writing did.

This is the little add I managed to set up in like 15 minutes.

I am fully aware that this is not much, but it is what it is. And right now it is the soft push I needed to motivate myself.

On my other project, I am having some intense troubles with the nav bar, that does not want to cooperate with me no matter what classes I put on it. However, I have decided to leave that problem for now and return to it once I’ve revisited the Bootstrap grid concepts in this new course.