On living in the moment of hope

Credit: Steve Proehl/Corbis Historical/Getty Images

An elevator, a parking lot, an empty hotel hallway, the long drive in my rather banged-up Outback as I take my daughter to and from her school on my way to and from the university where I teach downtown; these are, oddly or perhaps not so oddly, the places I feel I most belong. I’ve been leaving, joining, leaving, starting again, trying again, for at least thirty-three years. I turned fifty about a month ago.

I move from one place to another.

I tell my students when we begin to discuss short stories that in a story you don’t have…

Claudia Smith

Claudia Smith is the author of Put Your Head In My Lap, Quarry Light, and The Sky Is A Well. Find more about her writing at https://www.claudiasmithwriter.com/

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